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Figma Giveaway!  Weeee!Figma Giveaway! Weeee!

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This past week was sort of all over the place for me. It started out with a bird shitting on my head during my lunch break from work, and me returning to work with a pile of bird turds on my just-washed and straightened hairstyle, that I specifically had done because a magazine was photographing and interviewing the students in my Japanese class later that night.

Then, I sort of got my heart broken (this is the third time…by the same dude, so I should be used to it by now, but it still burns my soul like it’s the first time all over again).

Lastly, someone who I ordered a figure (this figma: ITEM #78682) for took a dump on me by not coming up with the money for it. I gave him a month to pay me, and when I asked for the cash last night, he said that his cable bill is more important than paying me, and that I should borrow the money from someone to cover the charge for his figure on my credit card. Yeah, this is the type of shit that happens to me for being helpful and generous.

Instead of crying and feeling sorry for myself, I’m going to, in the words of my best friend from Wisconsin, “Turn that frown upside down!” (You gotta say it with the Wisconsin accent to get the full effect.) I have to look at the couple of good things that happened to me this week…I got round-trip tickets to Japan for only $750, and I also made a new friend (who happens to also be a collector). So, I’m gonna be grateful for the good things and spread some holiday cheer and give this figma away to a deserving MFC user. Yeah, I could try to sell it, but it’s only wishlisted by 11 people, and it would probably take me a long time to find a buyer, and I just want it out of my sight so that I don’t have to be reminded of what I fool I was for ordering it in the first place. And with the shipping and handling charges, and the fee from my credit card to convert the cost into USD, I’m out about $57. I’ll never be able to recover that for this figure, so I might as well be like Santa. Or like Oprah when she gives away cars and what not. Except there are no cars here. Only figures.

For you Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse fans, you already know that the Tactical Surface Fighters are pretty badass.

The Type-00F, a variant painted in red or yellow, is used by distinguished commanders and/or bodyguards for royalty. Takamura Yui, a Royal Guard pilot from the White Fang Squadron test team sent to Project: Prominence as a Japanese liaison, was assigned a yellow Type-00F which she used to put down terrorist F-16s and stall an Su-37UB in combat when the Yukon Base came under attack. How do I know all of this? Wikipedia, of course.

All I know is that this TSF (ITEM #78682) matches her sexy, badass mecha outfit, so if you’re getting that figma (ITEM #117939), this item would complete the look. This figma is pretty cool. My only critique of it is that it’s kinda short, so, it would probably look better next to Yui’s figma and not her scaled figure, which would probably be taller.

Anyhoo, let’s have a contest and pick a winner. Answer one of the following questions:

1. What was your most embarrassing moment? (I’d answer this myself, but most of my life has been one continuous embarrassing moment for over 30 years, and I don’t have the time to write it all out, so I’ll spare you from that torture.)
2. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be, and why?
3. If you won a ridiculous amount of lottery money, what would you do with it?

OR just tell me something riveting, interesting, hilarious, or give me a sob story. You can tell momma anything. I’ll have a virtual hug waiting for you and maybe a shiny, new figma as well.

The best answer wins. Please be entertaining, yet honest. I can’t wait to read all of your responses and laugh at with you.

Good luck!

(Contest closes Tuesday morning, December 10th, New York time. Yeah, there's no such thing as New York time, but New Yorkers are pretty ethnocentric, and we expect the rest of the world to know our time zone. Thank you.)
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I'm sorry I missed this contest. That was VERY generous of you in spite of the circumstances by which you got this figure, and I hope the person who received this gift is grateful for it. And if you have another contest anytime soon, I'm all over it.
I could have won this contest just by answering the first question. SMH. LOTS of embarrassing moments in my life. LOTS.
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Heido-kun (7 anno/i fa) #1266655i'd kill for a shiranui if it was a PVC

4500JPY: ekizo.mandarake...
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Heido-kun (7 anno/i fa) #1266653EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH?! u're a fool for buying this?! >muv luv fan<
i want to ask you. is it a pvc figure or a plastic model? cuz if it was a pvc figure, i'm soooo getting it :333

Dude, you're like two days late! I honestly would have kept it for myself because it's really badass and I like the series, but there is a bad memory attached to it, and I would rather have someone else enjoy it. But yeah, I almost wish I could keep it. It's a figma, and the description says it's made out of ABS and PVS. I think it's pretty hard to come by as well, Manda has some of the other TSF's for sale (the one that Yuuya Bridges pilots, ITEM #69400 is on there...it's made by Volks). In fact, it's on Manda now. I tried to tell my "friend" that it was for sale on there, but it looks like he didn't get it because I still see it for sale...so, you should grab it while you can. It's made by Volks and it's beautiful.
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i'd kill for a shiranui if it was a PVC
7 anno/i fa
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH?! u're a fool for buying this?! >muv luv fan<
i want to ask you. is it a pvc figure or a plastic model? cuz if it was a pvc figure, i'm soooo getting it :333
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Wow. Thanks man! Didn't think that you'd pick me as the winner. I've already send you my shipping info.

The drawing that I've included in my entry are not mine, BTW. It's a commission that I've requested a long time ago when I had this fanfic idea.
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Thanks, everyone, for your comments and entries. I appreciate you all throwing your pride and dignity out the window for little ole' me. I'd take this moment to share some excruciatingly embarrassing moments that have happened to me in recent years so that you don't feel so bad about the trauma you went through with your embarrassing moments, but we should probably save that for another blog and another contest. But seriously, thank you all.

Second Runner-Up:
sarunamirabu (7 anno/i fa) #12639371. What was your most embarrassing moment?
I'm not sure if it's most embarrassing, but it's what I can remember: in grade school, I was doing a group project with people. We sat where the tables were grouped together in fours (so two desks next to each other and in front of each other). The entire time, I was sitting at the table kind of like the OTL pose, with my legs on the chair and resting my arms on the desk because it was comfortable. And i completely disregarded the fact that I wear above knee length skirts most of the time. So like 30 minutes into the 40 minute class period, a guy from the table behind us taps my shoulder. I turned around and he tells me "Y'know, we could see your underwear the entire time." ....yup.

One of my male friends read this and said that you should win because you wear skirts short enough that your panties are visible, and that's HAWT. While I agree that you are definitely a top contender, it is for reasons other than that. A godddamned tree fell on your house, dude. That's messed up. And the fact that you want to start watching Muv-Luv (please do!) and learn how to draw mecha stuff made you stand out. Great entry, and maybe I can do another giveaway when I get back from Japan, provided that I can pick up some artbooks and other loot from local stores. You would definitely be at the top of my list for that. :)

First Runner-Up:
Moro (7 anno/i fa) #1263943I'll tell you the story of how my cat lost a toe and cost me $900! PICTURE OF THE SHAAAAAME: catshaming.tumb...

Ahh...the agony of your pet getting into an accident and the pain of having to pay for it all! I more than empathize with you. This was a close call...I really wanted you to win this, but maybe next time, my friend. And I LOVED the picture you took to shame the kitty. I once did that with a rescue kitty who kept on shitting all over my apartment...around the 20th time she did this (I was already out of my mind at that point), of all things, I grabbed my camera and took a pic of her crapping on my yellow rainboots, because I was determined to shame her. I don't know who was worse in that moment--her for crapping on my rainboots, or me for thinking that taking a picture of her doing it would embarrass her. Yes, I can admit to my mental issues (cleaning up kitty diarrhea every day for a month straight will do that to you). But yeah, I really appreciate that picture. And your vet really overcharged you! Thanks for sharing that story.

And....the winner is...:

Terrorhunt (7 anno/i fa) #1264279I'm not expecting to win this, though I still want to give it a shot.
So, let me tell you something interesting instead. It's about this fanfic ideas that I have, yet still haven't manage to start it yet due to real-life affair.
Basically, it's a BatmanXFate/Stay Night crossover. The story goes something like this:
10 years after the 4th Holy Grail War, a paradox have cause the 5th Holy Grail War to take place on Gotham instead of Fuyuki City. Fate and Jason Blood have summoned Batman to inform him of this event and persuade him to join the Grail War as a Master. Batman hesitantly agree in order to prevent Gotham from meeting the same end as Fuyuki City 10 years ago. Fate and Jason help Batman to summon his very own Servant, Saber. After recruiting Saber to the Bat Family, Batman later have Saber teamed up with Robin to patrol the streets of Gotham while Batman researching every information regarding the Grail War. Batman later will face some of his Rouges, with some of them being tied to the Grail War. Familiar faces (Masters) from Fate/Stay Night will also make an appearance. Some of the characters from Fate/Stay Night are changed (appearance-wise and history-wise) due to the paradox.
Batman and Saber.
Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Rider. The first fan team-up that I've made before the fanfic idea come to place.

I most certainly found this interesting, and I have the utmost respect for anyone who is willing to put themselves out there via their ideas and their art. I really love that you shared this with us and you took a risk, as all artists and writers do when they share what they've created with the rest of the world. So, I applaud you for what you've come up with thus far, and I hope you enjoy this figma.

Of course, I'm kicking myself because you live the farthest out of anyone on this thread, and shipping is gonna be murder. In fact, I'm honestly considering seeing if there's an option to send this by BOAT because I don't know if I can afford for this guy to fly to you. Takemikazuchi journeyed from Japan to New York, and now he's going back to Asia. This dude is a world-class traveler at this point. And I bet he also gets more action than I do. I'm kinda jealous of him, actually.

Anyway, congratulations, brother, and PM me your shipping info.
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kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Since RODIMUS1138 said he's one of the 11 who wishlisted it, I may as well give it a shot - I wouldn't have entered if I didn't know someone who wanted it. So, if I by some miracle, win, I'd like Rodimus to have it!

Even though you said to only answer one, since everyone else has been answering all three, I may as well join in! \o/

1. What was your most embarrassing moment? (I’d answer this myself, but most of my life has been one continuous embarrassing moment for over 30 years, and I don’t have the time to write it all out, so I’ll spare you from that torture.)
My most embarrassing moment would probably have to be something that happened when I was younger: at my school, we had to do sport every Friday, which was then followed by social studies (this was incredibly boring because all we did was watch a kid's news program, take notes and answer questions).
One Friday, we were doing sports, as per normal and out of nowhere, I tripped over something. I typically have great balance, being really short and all. But whatever caused me to trip, made me lose all sense of balance and I spent about 30 seconds trying to save myself from falling over. After this period of time, I felt I was going nowhere and thought "dammit, I'll just fall over" and stopped trying to save myself. I put my hands out in front of my to protect my face and fall onto the blacktop. At this point in time, everyone is watching me and I'm already ridiculously embarrassed. In my rage, I look back to see what it was that tripped me over. What do I see, you ask? Nothing. I tripped over absolutely nothing.
People started to laugh, so I just pretend like it was nothing. As I get up, I find my wrist hurting a lot. I go to the teacher (who also saw the entire event and has a smirk on his face) and he tells me I've sprained my wrist. I sprained my wrist because I tripped over thin air and couldn't keep myself from falling over
To top it all off, I went home early so I could go to the doctor - as advised by my teacher - and my mother didn't believe me! She thought I'd made up the whole thing so I could get out of the social studies class!

2. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be, and why?
I'll give two answers here since one would be cheating (in my opinion).
Answer 1:Power over space/time. Since with this, you'd be able to create pretty much anything and have any super power ever. Pretty boring, right? But it'd be neat.
Answer 2:Pyrokinesis. It's probably the only super power I've wanted from when I was little, because it's completely badass, but it can also be something you can train into more advanced powers. That and I like fire :P

3. If you won a ridiculous amount of lottery money, what would you do with it?
This all depends on whether I'm supposed to be responsible with it. If I had to be responsible with how I spend it, I'd buy a home, possibly an investment property if I had enough for that as well. I'd buy lavish gifts for people who were there for me when I needed them to show my appreciation and absolutely spoil my partner. Then I'd keep the rest for other important future spendings.

If I could buy whatever the heck wanted with it, I'd buy a house (it's both a want and a need!) with enough space to have a dedicated figure display room, have two walls of bookcases and the other walls for displays, along with displays in the middle, so it's like a mini museum. Then get a heap more scale figures and probably every Nendoroid ever released. Possibly a couple of GKs I could get painted up by some local GK painters.

Anyway, good luck to everyone C:
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Lol, I just realized now that I was supposed to answer ONE of the questions.
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So I will answer all 3 questions in a horrible attempt to win that I will most assuredly fail.

1. What was your most embarrassing moment? (I’d answer this myself, but most of my life has been one continuous embarrassing moment for over 30 years, and I don’t have the time to write it all out, so I’ll spare you from that torture.)

I put wrong answer on a funny quiz. and for the for the punishment for the people who have wrong answer is use a "disgusting" avatar on local forum for 1 months.

2. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be, and why?

I want to be Kamen Rider Kuuga. coz his ultimate form has amazing power :
View spoilerHide spoilerHis most dangerous form, Ultimate Form (アルティメットフォーム, Arutimetto Fōmu) combines all the powers of the other forms, Ultmate Kuuga has a much different design colored black with gold (and a little silver) trims all over his body, as well as having five horns on the headcrest, a black belt core and spiky-looking armor. Originally a risk is that the user would lose control and become like Daguba, a monster bent on killing everything in its way. However, due to Godai's gentle nature, he retains his will as he uses the new form against Daguba, retaining the red eye color of Mighty Form as opposed to the original black eyed color. When in battle, Ultimate Kuuga is able to see a monster's human form, every single attack from Kuuga Ultimate causes his opponent to bleed, despite the enemy's powerful armor.

This form can also utilize the same powers as Daguba including Pyrokinesis, along with the ability to utilize the Dragon Rod, Pegasus Bowgun, and Titan Sword, all in Rising form. However this ability was never shown along with the Ultimate Form's most powerful attack, the "Ultimate Kick" (アルティメットキック, Arutimetto Kikku), which is the strongest version of his Rider Kick, easily capable of destroying the entire world.

source : kamenrider.wiki...

3. If you won a ridiculous amount of lottery money, what would you do with it?
pay my debt, saving the rest for life and buy any figures what I like.
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