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Don't get me wrong this figure has always been on my wishlist since I figure saw but when I saw it, I was pretty young, so it was just a "One day" type of thing. And now with adult money and I've been slowly collecting figures that I had wanted for.

The figure is by no means hard to find or limited, he's pretty easy to find and in stock in most places so he was low on my list of needs. But that brings us to now with the yen at its lowest I decided why not, I like him and he's at a good price. So I went ahead and got him; he came in the other month, and he was stuck in box limbo since I needed to make space for him.

And because I'm a hashtag trendy young adult I wanted to make a little tiktok unboxing him and I literally couldn't stop screaming. I have so many close ups of his clothes and face; I've literally made him my wallpaper I can't get over him.

I've always known ITEM #287697 was beautiful and as a character Mikazuki is absolutely gorgeous of course a figure of him would be as stunning But the texture on his kimono, the details on his accessories and the moons on his sword sheath ^q^ I love this figure so much. His expression on its own is so ^q^ beautiful and I can't describe how much happiness it gives me.

Look at him truly gave me an epiphany of "omg this is literally the epitome of what a figure should look like" and the feeling unboxing figure should give you. I also have other actual grail/wishlist figures but I truly think this figure is my grail. I've gotten other actual grails in the past and getting them made me happy of course but the actual wave of pure happiness I got from seeing this figure is so indescribable. I can't wait to have a little photoshoot with him
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I had this experience with ITEM #414625 :D
Congratulations on this very beautiful surprise !
I hope you will succeed in getting the whole set ;)
P.S. : not a fan of tiktok, what is the opposite of trendy young adult ? XD
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I absolutely LOVE this figure, I remember first unboxing him after deciding to buy him despite not knowing anything about Touken Ranbu, and omg I fell in love instantly!!

I desperately want his awakened version figure, it has become a 2nd grail of mine!
Mikazuki is just, he looks so good in my touken ranbu shelf! The shiny clothing probs also called to my need to have shiny things, haha
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LuckySnowiy4 giorno/i fa#116783859Congrats! The whole Touken Ranbu set from Orange Rouge looks really well made and this one in particular has the prettiest design :)
Thank you so much! Oh for sure! I have Kogitsunemaru too and he's just as beautiful, really hope to get the whole set. Mikazuki is just to beautiful for this world
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Congrats! The whole Touken Ranbu set from Orange Rouge looks really well made and this one in particular has the prettiest design :)
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