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HAIII.. i'm saving up funds to buy a prepainted homura for someone very dear to me ,,^ ^; i'm not terribly familiar with scales, prizes.. or madoka magica.. any suggestions for a brand, collection, or particular figure that would work well? 4da most part i wouldn't consider price as a huge issue..seeing as i don't have a time limit and can save as much as i need to.. but i'm definitely looking for an item that other madoka fans can get behind ~,,~ dual items including both homura and madoka are fair game too ;p i think in particular a figure that represents the themes of the show would be something i'd gravitate towardssssss .. thank you for any contributions! or just reading mwamwa
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You honestly can't go wrong with ITEM #78405
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I'll throw another vote for the traditional kimono / haregi outfit version of Homura ITEM #188278. The gloves she wears add a nice touch, as does the base; I always like looking at this one.

It's not Homura's traditional schoolgirl outfit though, so I don't know how much that matters to the recipient.
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my boyfriend's favourite homura is ITEM #140902
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My personal favorite Homura figure is ITEM #236242. She is a little pricey on the aftermarket though, so if you're in search of something a little easier to find then I also like ITEM #78405.

I think the Haregi figure (ITEM #188278) is really cute too.
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ITEM #740816 is really cute and fairly cheap if that's what you're going for. It's not her original outfit but she's really cute and seems to be pretty good quality wise.
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ITEM #78405 seems like a good choice, not too extravagant but high quality. Also from what I’ve looked up it seems she’s easy to find for decent prices. Good luck!
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ITEM #236242 I don't own her unfortunately, but she's one of my favorite Homura figures, and she seems to have pretty positive reviews.
ITEM #397001 it's just adorable honestly, and the aftermarket price isn't terrible considering that it's basically two figures.
ITEM #78405 I don't have much to say about her, she's cute though.
I'm really bad at giving detailed recommendations but these are just some of my personal favorites.
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WARNING: Lengthy comment by a Homura-stan!

I don't own her but I've always admired the sculpt of the GSC Aoki Ume Homura. ITEM #236242 Unfortunately, her aftermarket skyrocketed. But I do see some reasonable priced sold listings on Mercari JP. I remember her being way cheaper before Covid.

The "You Are Not Alone" scale by the same company doesn't have a bad aftermarket. ITEM #140902 I like how she comes with her variant "Moemura" look and you can also switch the accessories.

If you want to go super cheap. You could buy a custom Homura keychain and add a cute red ribbon around the loop! The red ribbon actually does have a meaning in the anime. But I'm not sure if I want to spoil. >_<
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ITEM #117637
simple but original
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I don't really have any recommendations but if you're planning to get ITEM #198394 then be aware that it's notorious for leaning over time, you'll probably need to buy something you can use as an extra support rod so she doesn't end up getting damaged.
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