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I had meant to post this review a few days after Christmas, but I kept getting side tracked as the week went on. Moving on, for today's review, I'm going to cover the only figure I got for Christmas- the figma of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

As a fan of the series since Zelda II, I'm always on a lookout for a good figure of my favorite Hylian. I am forced to admit that I have become a bit tired of the series as of late. Although I own Skyward Sword, I have yet to play it, but that's a story for a different day. Anywho, on to the review!



If you've bought figmas before, then you know what to expect. Link comes in the standard figma window box, complete with green accents and imagery of the sky. On the back of the box, there are graphics of the figure in several poses. Inside the box, Link rests in a plastic tray with most of the accessories, covered by a plastic lid. Beneath all of that, there is a secondary tray and lid that hold the Master Sword's scabbard and a slash effect for the sword.



Link's sculpt is quite good and, for the most part, perfectly captures his look in Skyward Sword. Link features two face sculpts: a neutral face and a yelling face, perfect for any action pose. In addition, Link also comes with two different bangs: a regular at rest version and a wind swept version. Both bangs look good with either face.
The one area that is off is his chain mail underneath his tunic. Rather then sculpt the individual chains, the mail looks like a thick gray shirt. Despite this discrepancy, it's not really that noticeable due to the mail barely being visible. Some of the mold lines on the figure are visible, being most apparent on the legs. That being said, they don't really stand out unless you're looking for them.


The paint on Link is solid with no noticeable slop or bleeding. All of the areas appear to be a solid color with no visible wash effect. The chain mail appears to have a slight gloss, making it a tad shiny and adding to the look of the metal.



Link has some great articulation, but it is somewhat limited by his sculpt. To begin with, he has ball joints at both the top and bottom of his neck. The joint at the top of his neck actually plugs into the inside back of his head, thus allowing for some great movement. the tip of Link's hat features a swivel joint and looks good to matter which way it's aligned. The hat's movement is somewhat hampered if the Master Sword and / or Hylian Shield are on Link's back, but that's to be expected are certainly doesn't take away from anything. Moving down, Link features ball jointed shoulders. The movement on these however is somewhat restricted due to the sculpt of the tunic. As such, Link can't put is arms straight up. The photos I have above show the maximum height I could get the arms to raise in two different orientations. I found it tricky to find a pose I liked with Link's sword raised, but it can be done. Below, the figure has double pin jointed elbows. They allow for a good range of movement and can move from left to right slightly. Link's hands feature a pin joint / swivel joint combo that allows for maximum movement. Link also features a ball joint right below his harness. It's hidden well and and still allows for a good range of movement. Moving to the legs, the figure has ball jointed hips. The bottom of Link's tunic is a soft plastic, allowing for a decent range of leg movement. Although the bottom of the tunic is a soft plastic, it does not appear to have warped from the posing of the legs.At the knees, you'll find a double pin joint and swivel joint combination. Last, but not least, Link has ball jointed ankles and pin jointed toes, allowing for a deeper stance and greater posing options.



Like nearly every figma, Link comes with a good amount of accessories, but a major issue does present itself in this category. To begin with, Link comes with an assortment of hands, in this case, all pairs. He includes fist, relaxed, open with spread palms, grasping (mostly for the shield) and an alternate grasping for his sword. Like all figmas, the hands feature a swivel / pin joint for maximum movement and insert into the wrist via a peg. The hands swap easily with minimal force to remove and insert into the wrist. The added advantage of every hand coming in a pair means that you can make Link properly left handed! As both a left handed person and a Zelda purist, I've only displayed him as such, as you may have noticed by the pictures I've taken.


Link's next accessory is the Hylian shield. The shield includes a handle and a forearm strap, both of which are removable. The shield features three pairs of holes on the inside of it: A vertical set on both sides (allowing the shield to be worn on either arm) and a horizontal set that's used in combination with Link's scabbard. Because Link's regular grasping hands have such a tight grip, the handle actually splits into two pieces, allowing the handle to be slid into either hand. Once that has been done, the opposite end of the handle can be reattached and then both ends of the handle can be inserted into the shield. The handle required a little force to get back into the shield. Be sure to make sure both ends of the handle are also properly lined up before inserting it (the peg on which the handle splits is round, so you will have to eye ball it). Once the handle is inserted, the strap can be placed pack on. The strap is a softer plastic and features a plastic peg on each end, one small and one large, thus making sure you don't have the strap upside down. The strap can be a little annoying to get back on, but not nearly as bad as it could have been thanks to the softer plastic.


Next up, we have the scabbard. The scabbard features a peg that easily inserts into the hole on Link's upper back and stays quite snug. The shield can also attach to the scabbard, thus allowing the shield to be worn on Link's back. In order to do, the shield's handle and strap will have to be removed again. Once that is done, the scabbard is laid onto of the inside if the shield with the peg facing up. The shield's hand is then reattached horizontally, utilizing the shield's horizontal set of holes. Once this is accomplished, the scabbard is reinserted into Link's back. It should be noted that the shield does not have a tight fit against the scabbard; it will slide around slightly. The shields handle is held in place between the scabbard's peg for Link's back and a small piece on the scabbard that sticks out slightly below the above mentioned peg. A few additional notes: The scabbard will not insert into Link's back all the way with the shield attached. You will have to push the scabbard in until the shield's handle is snug against Link's back.

Moving on, we have the problem area: the blade of evil's bane, the legendary Master Sword. As far as the sculpt and paint are concerned, the blade is perfect. It also fits in the scabbard perfectly. The Master Sword also includes a slash effect. It's a transparent blue sculpt that the blade of the sword inserts into. Attached to the blade, it looks terrific and really adds to any action pose. So what could possibly bring the Master Sword down? The problem, as anyone with this figma will tell you, is inserting the sword into Link's hands. Aside from the large hand guard, the sword features a wide pommel on the bottom of its hilt. From the searching I've conducted, it appears the the pommel may have been designed to pop off, thus allowing the sword's hilt to be easily inserted into either hand. The pommel would then be placed back on the bottom of the hilt. It appears however that there was a manufacturing error: the pommel on most of the swords was either glued or painted on, making it nearly impossible to remove. Some owners tried to carefully insert the sword into the hand with the pommel on. The pommel however is larger than the hole in either set of hands. This resulted in the hilt snapping in two. As luck would have it, my Master Sword was one of the affected ones.


Not wanting to risk damaging the sword, I took two different approaches to get around the problem. I first dipped the sword into hot water in order to soften the plastic. With the plastic softened, I had hoped that the pommel would easily separate from the hilt. Unfortunately, this approach failed. I then decided to use hot water to soften the plastic is his left sword grip hand. With the plastic now soft, I bent it slightly to loosen its grip. I then ran the hand under cold water to harden the plastic once again. With the grip now loosened, I could insert the sword with no risk of damaging the hilt. Huzzah!....well, almost. Unfortunately, because of the looser grip, the sword slides around in the hand due to gravity. This is compounded but the sword slash affect. If I get the center of gravity just right or have the pommel pressing against Link's wrist, the sword stays in place. It's certainly not the best situation, but it sure as hell beats having the Master Sword break on me! Still, if there's one thing I hate more than anything else, it's making a fix to a toy right out of the box.

Finally, we have the usual figma base. It consists of a clear plastic base and a clear stand that plugs into Link's lower pack. In order to deal with the possibility of Link's scabbard and shield being in the way, the stand comes with two angled plug on inserts. They proved to be a welcome addition and easily help getting around the shield and scabbard.

Link was a gift to me, but I've seen the price for him on the secondary market sky rocket. All I can say is, the cheaper you get him, the happier you'll be.

Overall Score:
I went back and forth on this figure for a while. At first, the sword issue nearly ruined him for me, but the more I posed him, the more he grew on me. The figure may not be perfect, but it is quite good and is certainly the best figure of Link ever made at this point. Now if only I could get a LTTP Link...

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Tarkana28 anno/i fa#1301197That's a good idea. How much force did you need to pop it off? Did it damage the sword at all?

In my case, no damage what so ever (your results may vary depending on fork used or technique). It actually doesn't take all that much force to pop it off, it's just that little end of the handle is so damn small you can't grip it properly. The fork lets you get leverage and it's not that bad, though I could see it flying, so have your thumb down on it so it doesn't go into neverfoundagainland.
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Tarkana28 anno/i fa#1301194I'll give it a try, but it may only help so much. All I have to take pics right now is my cell :(

Aw that's too bad, my cell phone makes every picture look orange if I make pictures in daylight...so I hope yours isn't that bad as mine! xD

If you like reviewing, a simple digital camera is a good investment! ^^ Wait scrap that, a digital camera is always a good investment! :P (But maybe I like photographing too much, haha.)
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Reyhip8 anno/i fa#1300466Tip for ppl trying to get the cap off the sword, use a fork.
If you get one where the space between the two tines at the end is big enough for the sword handle to fit but small enough so the cap don't go through, you can use that as leverage to pop the cap off. Worked perfectly for me.

That's a good idea. How much force did you need to pop it off? Did it damage the sword at all?
8 anno/i fa
Maakie8 anno/i fa#1299319Good review, but if I may give a tip~ I think your pictures will look way better if you make them during the daylight or in a room lit with a little bit daylight. It makes the pictures look less "grained". :3 Good luck!

I'll give it a try, but it may only help so much. All I have to take pics right now is my cell :(
8 anno/i fa
Tip for ppl trying to get the cap off the sword, use a fork.

If you get one where the space between the two tines at the end is big enough for the sword handle to fit but small enough so the cap don't go through, you can use that as leverage to pop the cap off. Worked perfectly for me.
8 anno/i fa
Nice work. This makes me want to unbox mines so badly but I can't because I have nowhere to put him right now.
8 anno/i fa
Good review, but if I may give a tip~ I think your pictures will look way better if you make them during the daylight or in a room lit with a little bit daylight. It makes the pictures look less "grained". :3 Good luck!
8 anno/i fa
I oped not to get this because of his weird gray shirt instead of chainmail lol. But looking at it now it's not so bad.

Damn brings back memories, one of my favorite zelda games. Let's just say when i first played, the sword wasn't the only thing going skyward.
8 anno/i fa
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