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Nendoroid Petit... I feel that line has taken great figures from the main line. Figures from the "Tales" series as well as many other "warrior or figthers" style of figures have been created for this line. I feel those figures would look great and should be released in regular Nendoroid format-line.
What you think?
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Should Nendoroid petit characters be made in to regular Nendoroid line scale?

9%Not sure
33%I would love if GSC does it
11%Nendo petit should be eliminated
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While I definitely agree with you that it'd be great if we saw more of the characters that are petits as regular scale Nendoroids, on the other hand, I don't think that's possible. They already release a TON of Nendoroids as it is, and a lot of them (RnL Madoka and Nyaruko, for example) get really gimped in terms of accessories and parts to boot. At least with petits, all of the figures are on equal footing, plus it's a lot easier to make characters that might not sell as well as regular nendos, because they can take a series that might only be popular enough to warrant a single nendo, and make the whole cast into petits.

Of course, the fact is, they really don't make enough petits/nendos of single series as is either way, only the guaranteed moneymakers. So that's life I guess.
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I like both honestly. I mean, I don't see anything wrong with the Puchis and also it wouldn't be bad if they made Full versions of some of the Puchis

I actually kind of like the way GSC strategizes this though tbh because of this reason and sorry if someone already said this but too lazy to read below: GSC makes Puchis of things that they think would be better off being in a set. So instead of buying a bunch of $30-40 Nendoroids, you can get a whole set of characters from a series for $50. I like being able to get full sets of characters this way. ^^
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I'd like to see full-sized Tales Nendos, but I still love the Petits. Releasing them in a set of Petits allows more characters to be available, and me to have a bunch of cute chibi Tales characters on my desk. : ) So, I'd hope for both.
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I don't agree that petits have "taken from the main line". I feel they add to our choices. Most series aren't popular enough to get more than two regular nendoroids so many semi-popular side characters are ignored in favour of the main characters. Petits are great because they're usually released in sets with more characters to choose from.

I prefer the size and optional parts of the regulars but if a character I really liked gets the choice of "no figure" or "petit only" I'll take what I can get. :)
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I'm pretty sure that the choices to keep a character in petite form are calculated by GSC.
I highly, highly doubt they think "welp, that character has one version already. That's it for it."
In fact, there are many cases that a character has both versions, like Light.

If they thought they could make money from it, and they already have the rights to make a petite version, they'll probably stop at nothing to make a main-line version.
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As someone who doesn't particularly care for figures with lots of parts, I like petites. I can have cute characters in tiny itty bitty form for cheap (I like little figures). Nendos can get expensive and since I don't play with mine and only buy them for display, I think petites are perfect for me and maybe anyone else who feels that way.
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Asako7 anno/i fa#1365955Need Suika, Aya and Patchy nendos, definitely.
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Asako Om nom nom
Need Suika, Aya and Patchy nendos, definitely.
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I love puchies more than regular nendos so my regrets would be the opposite :) Or, better say, I'd love some characters to have puchi versions along with nendos. I've got nothing against nendos, I just find petits cuter in general and they take less space :)
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I linked over 35 but only 10 were actually shown, sadly.
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