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Disclaimer: Pardon the random ramblings, for this is my first review. The review can be also a bit subjective as it may require a bit of in-game knowledge, but I digress...

Ragnarok Online is one of those, well you can say, "pioneers" of the MMORPG business, long before the 3D craze, there were those games who relied on sprite-based cuteness. More than 8 years after Gravity Co. released RO, strangely it still lives on as a time sink for gamers around the world, constantly receiving evolutions and updates.

To celebrate RO's legacy (in Japan anyways - it is serious business there), Good Smile Company decided to make a Nendoroid figurine of one of the job classes of the game, and to represent RO they chose the Archbishop. The latest tier of the Acolyte>Priest>High Priest job class, Archbishops (or AB for short) are the typical heal/buff slave support type character who follows you around in parties, while exorcising the occasional demon or undead.
Not included: Hot Bishonen version

This review won't focus much on the packaging as it is a standard nendoroid box detailed in the Archbishop's white & light blue livery. The Nendo representation is based on the official illustrations. Paint and sculpt is seldom perfect, but grading that is again, subjective because some people accept the very random imperfections as something unique in itself. Quality is indeed high however, and the details like the accents on her sleeves are something to be noticed. Joints are snug and steady for this particular box.

Something different?

The very first thing one will notice about this Nendoroid's design is the use of the new stand - they are propped up by connecting the stand to a small hole in the figure's back, which works similarly to the Nendo's distant cousin, the Figma line. Unfortunately, she can't stand alone without her base (partially, she can thanks to her skirt accents, but on a very awkward pose)

Must be the hair...

As of this writing, only a few Nendos are seen using this type of stand: Saber's Super Movable Edition, Miku's HMO Edition, and NHK's Mascot Haru-chan.

For the AB's optional parts and items they are as follows:
  • Left and Right bent Legs
  • healing/Casting Right hand
  • Left and Right hands for the Staff
  • Additional Sleeve (no hand attached)
  • Lifted skirt
  • "Balloon Hat" headgear
  • "Heart Ribbon Hairband" headgear
  • Rafini/Lapine Staff
  • Poring
  • Angry face

Not included: God items and slotted sunnies

Yes, GSC even included the very iconic pink RO blob. Too bad the semi-transparent material makes the mold cast lines stand out a bit in shiny light.

No Jellopy there little fellow...

The cute card illustration has an added bonus of having a redemption code for an actual in-game version of the Heart Ribbon Hairband. Sadly, you have to be playing on the jRO servers to be able to redeem it. iRO players who want to utilize the in-game item must have/should purchase it directly on iRO's official shop.

As with any other articulated figure, movement is limited by the size of the other parts that goes with it. In this case, movement is restricted by her long hair. Arm movement is free front to back (until it gets tangles with her hair ... or her skirt)

Speaking of arms, unlike the norms of the usual Nendos, her arms (with the exception of her healing/casting hand) comes in two parts - the upper "bell" of her sleeve and the lower part of the sleeve itself.

Don't worry, it's only a flesh wound...

The extra parts - the skirt and the pair of bent legs, are for her sitting pose, as her long massive normal skirt part hinders her sitting stance. Those who are familiar with Nendos know that swapping out the parts only needs a little bit of careful twists and tugs...

BRB, Regen... / This is not the upskirt shot that I had in mind...

As I mentioned earlier, one of her headgears is the Hairband. The other one is her Balloon Hat, which might be familiar for those who have/are playing the game for having decent bonuses when upgraded properly.

Her extra expression is an angry >:( pout, most probably to be used for battle purposes when battling the undead...

or showing that she's annoyed with people asking for buffs, or showing she's ready to beating you up with Adoramus spam because you keep asking for buffs...

Probably the only thing to be wary about this set is her staff (the stick is thinner than a lolipop stick). As with any small scale items, always have a set of gentle hands when attaching her hands to the staff. Another thing I noticed is that heads from other Nendo sets might need a bit of careful squeeze to fit right.

Now the only thing she needs now is an emperium to guard...

SW / Sanc / Aspersio : The basic skills you need to spam to make your Emp nice and happy

Overall GSC's rendition of RO's Archbishop is very welcomed to my collection. Its enjoyment factor will make a great desktop companion for current or retired RO players regardless if they have an acolyte type job as a primary character or not. She's not a must-have, but the figure acts as a physical compliment to your in-game experience. She's also a nice "get" for those not familiar with the game as well because of her decent optional parts.

Decent RO figures were a rare sight, and GSC made something related to the game that I spent a lot of time playing. Thankfully, they did not disappoint. If this is a one-time run for the RO series, then it's a good memorabilia-get. If the freak chance that GSC decides to make each job class into a figure occurs, then God help us all...

  • Good rendition(++)
  • Decent headgears(+)
  • Poring!(+)
  • New Base design(=)
  • Poses can be hindered by hair/clothes(=)
  • Usual production flaws(-)
  • Poring has mold lines T_T (-)
  • Other Nendo heads might need work to fit with included blonde hair(-)

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SumPiI would love to have all the classes. Good idea of the petit nendo's. Even though I'm not a big fan of the petit's, I'll definitely get them if they are RO themed!

Great review, you've got me excited now to receive mine :3

I agree with you. If they release all the classes, I'll sell myself to buy them all LOL *kidding*
However, 3rd class is kinda disappointing to me.
I prefer 2nd -transcedent class.
Well, just release some !

NICE REVIEW !~ Thank you so much. I have no more doubt to have one now :)
10 anno/i fa
The only problem my friend occured with her was getting that darn pin in her back, that was quit difficult she said

As soon as she got it in and then put her head back, it came loose again > <

Oh well, she stands, and she's cute, I'm considiring buying her as well :)
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I would love to have all the classes. Good idea of the petit nendo's. Even though I'm not a big fan of the petit's, I'll definitely get them if they are RO themed!

Great review, you've got me excited now to receive mine :3
10 anno/i fa
It's a slim chance though, but again, having more (Nendo) jobs means more items/memorabilia for RO fans... but I'm not sure if Gravity changing its marketing strategy for RO into the end-game phase (F2P to prolong its lifespan) would make it keep its popularity or increase its decline, we won't know...

Although in my opinion, Nendo Petites are the perfect platform because they can cover one tier (1st/2nd/trans/3rd) per Petite set ^^,
10 anno/i fa
Nice review.
I just hope that GSC gonna release all RO job classes, not just the 3rd ones. Im especially looking for an Assassin, Assassin Cross and Guillotine Cross figurine, or nendoroid.
10 anno/i fa
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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