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Alright, I lied when I said this month wasn't going to be large.. The local con killed us. xD; Image heavy!

We'll start with my con loot.
Happy Plush, Clamp no Kiseki, Erica Sakurazawa manga, Cure Peace cushion cover, Tales box, Fuu, Shion, Case Closed DVD, and a giant bag of Naruto trading figures. I got the Clamp no Kiseki from a friend, she pulled it in a grab bag, when I had gotten a second Kyou, so we traded! My mother gave me Case Closed, since she didn't think it would be anything she'd like. xD; The Cure Peace cushion cover and the Tales box came in the mail that day, and I drug the box from my house to the hotel room to open THERE. (It was a busy con, okay? t.t;; ) The Naruto bag of trading figures I bought off of a MFC user! :3 She was so nice, and her Jafar cosplay was AWESOME!
The random pink bunny I bought off of my friend, she makes them here: www.etsy.com/sh...
So if you like it, check out her etsy. :3 They're so snuggly and adorable!

Naruto figures, Shao from Mamotte Shugogetten, a Konoka/Asuna franken-Figumate (I didn't notice it until LATER, but hey.. She looks cool!), Red Power Ranger, and a random fish thing... :/

(Ignore my unpacking mess.. Looong weekend!)
Sailor Jupiter doll, Shannon, Yuki Onna, Yuki Nagato, Kuroyukihime, Nura, ...uh, a girl from Moshidora? I think her name is Haruka?, Inori + Tsugumi from Guilty Crown, Darth Vader chop sticks, and two random One Piece things. (Which I'm trying to sell the One Piece things.. do not want. Holy cow.) Most of everything came in a grab bag actually, my husband got crazy on Sunday. :P But he got some great things, and he worked really hard that weekend!

(More unpacking mess.. Haha.)
Pokemon guys.. I dunno what they're officially called, they're from a game that didn't take off here in the USA. Yuri, Mokona, two Fairy Tail keychains, two Nura keychains, Sasuke, and the Coca Cola bear. Most of this is my husband's. xD; I was really bummed on Sunday, and he had bought me the Yuri plush, since he knew I wanted it really bad. >w< The Coca Cola bear is actually our 2 year old son's. He got terrified on the elevator, and one of the managers of the hotel (I assume so, anyway.) approached him and started trying to calm him down. He then brought us the bear for my son to snuggle on the elevators and hopefully not get scared. :3 It was so sweet, and he loves the bear! (Although he didn't stop screaming on elevators, haha.)

Dragon Knights 15 and a Nadia DVD. I already have this DK volume, so I'm unsure what I'm going to do with it.. :/

Free Naka swag! My husband got it for working as staff, and since we didn't buy any shirts from previous years, he went ahead and got those. The coins were from this year, we had a Tomo VS. Byakko event, and each side got a coin to show their side. Apparently there was also a game to go with it, but the volunteers did a terrible job telling us this.. ^^; I had no clue at all about it.

Melona, Hakufu, Ikaros, Tsugumi, and Emiri! The Ikaros was dirt cheap, but her hair broke off on one side, so that's probably why. I haven't fixed her, but she's already in a box, ready to move with us.

Japanese Tales of Eternia. I don't have a system that can play it yet, ugh.. >.>; But I'm working on getting all the Tales games in Japanese and English. P: (I may skip Destiny and Eternia, the US versions are ridiculously expensive.)

Izumi, Sakura, Haruhi, Milla, Annelotte, Dark Knight Annelotte Nendoroid, Inori, and Saber Lily. The Annelotte made me so upset, I couldn't get her clothes on right, they wouldn't clip in. ; _ ; I'm thinking I need to warm up the clothes to get them on better.. Bah!

Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, US Special Edition! Our poster is lame :/

The opposite side of the poster, I hate it. x.x;

Fate/Stay Night DVD set. I had this stashed to the side that day and totally forgot about it. XD

Oodles of Queen's Blade books. P: Menace, Claudette, Nyx, Alleyne, Risty, Leina, and Tomoe. I thought the Xillia doujin was.. a doujin. I was mildly surprised to look through it and see text. XD; BUT the cover's cute, I could not resist it!

Aphrodite Rei, Stocking, Melona, and the Lineage II Dwarf. We found the green Melona cheaper than the pink, and we were a bit surprised. ^^; The Dwarf was cheaper than her standard counterpart as well, and now that I have her in person, I think I like her blue dress better.

Aldra & Annelotte books. (Off of J-list, so we technically overpaid a little.. Oh well.) A Guilty Crown doujinshi, and a Mint trading figure! :3

Nia, Izumi, Rei/Asuka, Luka, Yuri phone pouch, and a Flynn keychain. I honestly thought the Rei and Asuka would be a little bit bigger, but it wasn't disappointing, they're so cute.

Luka out of her box, and the Liliana Queen's Blade figure we got from another MFC user. :3

First day of Naka-kon, I got a pleasant surprise! Natalia, Lisbeth & Silica, Kuroyukihime, and Leina. Pina is missing her feet, and since I got Sili/Lis pre-owned from AmiAmi, I didn't bother sending a message. They always tend to offer just 500Y if you're displeased/etc, so.. ^^; I can mold some feet for Pina anyway.

My whiny husbando, Luke! He's so worth the money, and I'm glad I finally got him!

This was from FIVE boxes I got in the mail, ALL at once. My mail lady was tossing them at me.. She was so mad at me. XD Up top is James, Sakura, and Ai Yori Aoshi 14 with the figure. Next row is Party Asuka, Sailor Jupiter, Lum, and Tomoyo. We then have Mitsuki, Asuna, Sherrice? (Husband wanted her.. so yeah. xD; His random impulse buy of the month, can't blame him though. :P She's beautiful!), and Pajama Rei. Finally we have Mari, Gabriel, Kakashi & Naruto set, and one of the Oni-Musume. If you haven't noticed, we have a thing for Rei and Asuka. :P

I surprised my husband with Alice 2P! :3 He was so happy to get her, although he realized her top is weird.. To us at least. o.O But she's still cute, and a great addition. Tales of Hearts R on PS Vita was for me, but my husband likes to watch me play it. ^^

Ofuda Imports order (We were curious about them, so tested them out.), and Cheren from an MFC user. ^^ Our Ofuda order was Judith, Yuri, Rita, Elise, Lancer, and Saber. Everything was in the original boxes with a little pink Ofuda Imports sticker, and it came SO fast. I'd give them a thumbs up!

Tales of Xillia 2 rubber strap box. I didn't pre-order, so I didn't get Gaius.. I kind of regret that now. :/

But I got the full set! :3 I was nervous about not getting a full set, but it seems I worried unnecessarily.

That's all for March. ^^; My wallet is screaming at us both, and we stopped ordering pretty much anything.. We had gotten set back in our house loan, so that really depressed us this month. But we're working on it, and can't wait to move and finally have our OWN place again. ^^ If you hung in there and read this all, you have a lot of patience and perseverance.
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Mikaino Going to Gencon!
jackedred7 anno/i fa#1472528Oh my gosh...that's such an awesome haul...haruhi and sao and guilty crown...dang ;-; so many pretty figures >.< The ccs and sailor jupiter ones especially. I'm not sure if someone already asked, but may I ask where you bought your Card Captor Sakura figures? :O
And tThank you for sharing pics of your loot! :D

Yeah.. I surprise myself when I write these ^^; April's coming up, it'll scare me more I think.. >_<;;
I got my CCS figures at AmiAmi! ^^ Was stalking the pre-owned page as it would update. xD They were popping up every other day or so, but lately I haven't seen any D: Just for reference, they were about 1200Y each :3 So if you see them, it's a great deal! They're REALLY nice, imo.

No problem ^^ Just glad people enjoy looking!
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jackedred Time Traveler from 2036
Oh my gosh...that's such an awesome haul...haruhi and sao and guilty crown...dang ;-; so many pretty figures >.< The ccs and sailor jupiter ones especially. I'm not sure if someone already asked, but may I ask where you bought your Card Captor Sakura figures? :O

And tThank you for sharing pics of your loot! :D
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Mikaino Going to Gencon!
Danci7 anno/i fa#1437561Wow - now that's some nice loot! Loving all the 'Tales of' figures and merch there - nice catch! XD
Thanks! :D I think I drive my husband insane with all of our Tales loot.. xD;

DonkeyBlonkey7 anno/i fa#1437568Ah! So you were the one that got the C Ikaros Figure.
Yup! She's quite beautiful! ^^

WindsorSeven7 anno/i fa#1437592So Ofuda is good? I want to order something off there, but their shipping is a bit expensive... Did they give you any coupons :D?
It is! I wouldn't worry MUCH about shipping. I got quoted the same rate for just Judy/Yuri as I did for Judy, Yuri, the two Tales of Friends straps, and the two Fate/Zero one coins. Sadly, no coupons.. t.t;;

sillyker0nian7 anno/i fa#1437861Woah, that is an epic month haul! But, it's so awesome. Congrats :3
Thanks! >w<

lonesomefolly7 anno/i fa#1437891Are you a giant who owns a golden goose?
*snorts* No, but I have a brother named Jack who brings me golden eggs. xD (Actually, he'd just hoard them xD;; )
We just got our tax return recently, and we have two less bills than we used to.. so extra money until we have build back our credit to move out. :3
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Are you a giant who owns a golden goose?
7 anno/i fa
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Woah, that is an epic month haul! But, it's so awesome. Congrats :3
7 anno/i fa
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
So Ofuda is good? I want to order something off there, but their shipping is a bit expensive... Did they give you any coupons :D?
7 anno/i fa
Ah! So you were the one that got the C Ikaros Figure.
7 anno/i fa
Wow - now that's some nice loot! Loving all the 'Tales of' figures and merch there - nice catch! XD
7 anno/i fa
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
Kuuga7 anno/i fa#1437065nice loot.
I envy to you coz you get many Queen Blades books and a Fuu Hooji figure.
my march loot only 6 items.
BLOG #7188

Still impressive, I say! :3
The QB books are ridiculously cheap on Mandarake. Fuu is pretty normal to see at cons with Umi for dirt cheap too.
7 anno/i fa
Holy Haul. 0.o Nice!
7 anno/i fa