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Revoltech Snake...Revoltech Snake...

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Hey hey everybody, I have returned once again!
This time around we'll be taking a step into the future of war as I have a look at Revoltech
Peace Walker Version


The first release of the titular character from the Metal Gear franchise, Snake arrives on the scene sporting his appearance from the PSP video game Peace Walker..




As expected from the Revoltech line itself, Snake is fully plastic, and uses the unique, albeit slightly flawed, Revoltech joint system which allows for some decent posing.


While the joints do limit his movements somewhat, Snake is still quite poseable, and is able to strike a wide range of action-oriented stances.



The painting and molding on Snake is quite good, the stylized detail on the figure really brings the character to life, though his limbs don't seem to fit together quite right, a problem which is most noticeable when posing the legs.


When it comes to accessories, Snake is loaded to the proverbial gills. Beginning with the hands, he comes with five pairs; two fists, two splayed open hands with curled fingers, two flat extended hands, two hands for gripping his rifle, handgun and Stun Rod, two hands for gripping his climbing units, and lastly a more angled hand for gripping his rifle at a sharper tilt.



Being a soldier and all, Snake comes prepared for battle. Included is an MK.22 handgun with Suppressor(Note: the Suppressor is not removable), an M16A1 assault rifle, a Stun Rod, and lastly, a pair of climbing hooks.




A very nice addition to the figure is two effect parts that recreate well-known aspects of the MGS series, an Alert/Exclamation Point effect part, one side in red the other in blue, as well as a Knocked Out/Sleeping effect part, both of which can be used to create...interesting situations with other figures.



"Enemy located!"

As with all Revoltech releases, a stand and storage box are included, though like I stated in my Alphons review, the stand does leave a bit to be desired. A smaller stabilization pole with a swiveling peg is included for more wide-legged, squat poses.




Finally, a papercraft version of the easily recognizable cardboard box is included, and is printed on a dense, brown cardboard. (Note: Yes, I copied mine onto a piece of cardstock to preserve the original, hence why the text on the box isn't quite as dark)




As a side note, Snake does come with a third effect part, but it was missing from my box. It's basically the same piece that has plagued-er..been included with Vash the Stampede, Alphons, and many other Revoltechs that have been released(and probably many more that will be released in the future), just recolored white.


Since Snake doesn't come with any additional faces, Revoltech included a poseable eye with the figure to increase his expressiveness. By simply removing his face plate, you can shift his gaze around by moving the peg on the back of the eye. Keep in mind however, that the peg is tiny, and can be troublesome to maneuver.



All in all, Snake is an excellent figure, and really does a great job in recreating the stealthy soldier in all of his glory.



My only true aversion to the figure is, of course, the joint system. It still seems a bit dated, and I have to wonder how much better it would feel to pose Snake if his joints were more smooth as with S.H.Figuarts or Figma.


Another issue is due to how small his feet are, it can be a bit tricky finding a stable standing position for him where he doesn't topple over.


While I am not terribly fond of the joint system, Snake himself is still quite solid and enjoyable to play with. It gives off a good feeling when you get him into a properly strong pose.

"That sure is one suspicious box..."

As with Alphons, I can't help but recommend picking up Snake, if you invest enough time with him, you get to understand the way his joints move and you can get him into some pretty impressive poses. If you're a fan of the games, or just of Snake himself, I'd say definitely get him up while he's available. Here's hoping this isn't the last Metal Gear figure we see...



Like always, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read my review, I certainly hope that it was informative, and helped you to decide whether or not to pick up this war-trained hero!

"Mission complete."

'Till next time!

You can find more of my reviews here!

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mine is on the way. i hope is not getting a delay like my last one that havent even arrived yet.

well anyway. thanks for the review. its what i wanted to know about the figure and clarify how the eye worked. its looks awesome to me.

REally Awesome pictures by the way.
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Well now I want it.
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Good review! still waiting my Snake!.
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