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i was traveling on the net and i found this, that may be interesting for you!!!

The combined edition of volumes 21 and 22 of the magazine Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump announced the cast, members of staff and some character designs for the new TV anime Rozen Maiden. The anime seiyuu past deliveries are returning with additions like Chiemi Chiba and Ryota Ohsaka.

Studio's Deen is in charge of the production, under the direction of Mamoru Hatakeyama,Tonomi Mochizuki is working on scripts , the character design is done by Kyuta Sakai (Steins, Gate), and the music belongs to Shinkichi Mitsumune.


The Shueisha's Young Jump magazine in its 17th edition, announced that next anime Rozen Maiden franchise screens will be arriving in Japan this summer season 2013 in the channels TBS and BS-TBS.

The original manga is Peach-Pit's work and first appeared in 2002 in the monthly Comic Birz then was published in Young Jump. In the middle of the last decade 2004-2006, the manga had several anime adaptations.

Do you also excited to know that this series will be seen again??
which doll is your favourite???
which figure do you want to see???
i wish that they re-release the suiguintou's dolffie!!!

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more sugintou?! i approve!
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Suiseiseki! ♥
And I want a new Pullip Shinku!
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I can't believe another series is coming out. Loved the music and I can always hear more. I keep listening to "Battle of Rose" despite not watching the show for many, many months. Time for me to spread the Rozen Maiden love and put stuff up for sale. I got a bunch during the anime run and hopefully there's going to be more with the new series. It's a pretty show. I was just watching Hiiro no Kakera --also a Deen production-- and thought Aria had the exact same eyes as Shinku.

Ouverture was what I wanted the TV series to be and I'm happy it got made. Backstory instead of super-genki house shenanigans. I hope the new series will have more of this.
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>Studio DEEN

Aw shit.

>Character designer from Steins;Gate

Oh OK.

Favourite doll? Kirakishou all the way. Barasuishou can go suck a dick and I hope she doesn't come back.
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Good news! The story will get a logical development!
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Stalking Loli hunter
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Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
I loved Rozen Maiden, the manga is one of my favorites so this should be interesting~
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No way! Wow, I did not expect this.
Is it just me, or are there a lot of patterns of reviving old series? For example, Sailor Moon. I guess companies need to find a way to make more money. (Not to mention, Card captor sakura Nendo, AMG PVC, etc)

Good news though. That means... we might get new Rozen Maiden figures! I need to own the whole freaking cast.

My favorite doll?
Probably Suiseiseki, according to my memory. I mean, I watch this many moons ago. If I re-watch this again, my feelings might change. Who knows?
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KIRAKISHOU *0* Thank you, I loved Bara, but Kira needs a lot of attention too!
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