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  • more sugintou?! i approve!
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    Suiseiseki! ♥
    And I want a new Pullip Shinku!
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    7 anno/i fa
    I can't believe another series is coming out. Loved the music and I can always hear more. I keep listening to "Battle of Rose" despite not watching the show for many, many months. Time for me to spread the Rozen Maiden love and put stuff up for sale. I got a bunch during the anime run and hopefully there's going to be more with the new series. It's a pretty show. I was just watching Hiiro no Kakera --also a Deen production-- and thought Aria had the exact same eyes as Shinku.

    Ouverture was what I wanted the TV series to be and I'm happy it got made. Backstory instead of super-genki house shenanigans. I hope the new series will have more of this.
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    >Studio DEEN

    Aw shit.

    >Character designer from Steins;Gate

    Oh OK.

    Favourite doll? Kirakishou all the way. Barasuishou can go suck a dick and I hope she doesn't come back.
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    Good news! The story will get a logical development!
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    Stalking Loli hunter
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    Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
    I loved Rozen Maiden, the manga is one of my favorites so this should be interesting~
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    No way! Wow, I did not expect this.
    Is it just me, or are there a lot of patterns of reviving old series? For example, Sailor Moon. I guess companies need to find a way to make more money. (Not to mention, Card captor sakura Nendo, AMG PVC, etc)

    Good news though. That means... we might get new Rozen Maiden figures! I need to own the whole freaking cast.

    My favorite doll?
    Probably Suiseiseki, according to my memory. I mean, I watch this many moons ago. If I re-watch this again, my feelings might change. Who knows?
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    KIRAKISHOU *0* Thank you, I loved Bara, but Kira needs a lot of attention too!
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