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Hey guys...I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I'm having a hard time choosing which Asuka Langley figure to get, so if you could help me out and choose which one you'd rather buy I'd greatly appreciate it!! Also the third movie came out not too long ago so I thought to myself I've gotta have a figure of her!

Also if you comment please include pros and cons of why you voted for one or the other.

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Alter or Kotobukiya???

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Both if you can but if you're only going with one I'd say get Alter's Asuka. Both are beautiful (I own both of them; or at least I will once Koto's comes in the mail :P) but I think Alter's is the better of the two but just by a hair. You really can't go wrong either way.
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Thanks for all comments! I think I might just go with Koto's, but too bad she's sold out at Amiami :(
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Neither. Get a Rei one instead because Asuka sucks :p

Kidding, I think get the Kotobukiya one because of the reason why others mentioned, they're a little harder to find after market wise.
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zzxantrax07 「ジジエクズ」
Go with the Kotobukiya Asuka. This one is cooler for me.
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Ruttsu as Ruttsu
I already "hated" Shingi and the clone but I liked Asuka, after (re)watching the original series + movies including the latest, I also started to dislike Asuka..., before that I was planning to buy Koto's Asuka, I also think it represents her personality better.
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ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
Get Max Factory's.
She's wobbly but her perfect round ass makes up for it 1000%
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I think the Koto Asuka represents her personality better, plus I'm susceptible to larger-scale figures.
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I voted for Alter's version of Asuka here as I simply don't like the latest Kotobukiya
figure of Asuka as I think her expression is too serious and the colour in her plugsuit
looks too bright/metallic for me.

Alter's version she looks very relaxed and the paintwork looks spotless/accurate. I wish
I had got her when she came out now.
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theyasminshow Militant Missionary
I'm a bit surprised to say I think Koto wins this round. Reasons:
- it seems to fit her personality more
- I love eyepatches /bias
- I haven't watched Rebuild so I have no clue what she's sitting on in the Alter version
- I don't like the red/orange plugsuit as much
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ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
I'd get Koto's. The pose + face are more Asuka to me. I'd have her ordered if my June order wasn't full xD
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