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  • Both if you can but if you're only going with one I'd say get Alter's Asuka. Both are beautiful (I own both of them; or at least I will once Koto's comes in the mail :P) but I think Alter's is the better of the two but just by a hair. You really can't go wrong either way.
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    Thanks for all comments! I think I might just go with Koto's, but too bad she's sold out at Amiami :(
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    Neither. Get a Rei one instead because Asuka sucks :p

    Kidding, I think get the Kotobukiya one because of the reason why others mentioned, they're a little harder to find after market wise.
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    zzxantrax07 「ジジエクズ」
    Go with the Kotobukiya Asuka. This one is cooler for me.
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    Ruttsu as Ruttsu
    I already "hated" Shingi and the clone but I liked Asuka, after (re)watching the original series + movies including the latest, I also started to dislike Asuka..., before that I was planning to buy Koto's Asuka, I also think it represents her personality better.
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    ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
    Get Max Factory's.
    She's wobbly but her perfect round ass makes up for it 1000%
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    I think the Koto Asuka represents her personality better, plus I'm susceptible to larger-scale figures.
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    I voted for Alter's version of Asuka here as I simply don't like the latest Kotobukiya
    figure of Asuka as I think her expression is too serious and the colour in her plugsuit
    looks too bright/metallic for me.

    Alter's version she looks very relaxed and the paintwork looks spotless/accurate. I wish
    I had got her when she came out now.
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    theyasminshow Militant Missionary
    I'm a bit surprised to say I think Koto wins this round. Reasons:
    - it seems to fit her personality more
    - I love eyepatches /bias
    - I haven't watched Rebuild so I have no clue what she's sitting on in the Alter version
    - I don't like the red/orange plugsuit as much
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    ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
    I'd get Koto's. The pose + face are more Asuka to me. I'd have her ordered if my June order wasn't full xD
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