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Hello everyone! Welcome to my first blog post since...well, ever, on the internet! The last of last month's orders came in just in time for when someone needed to borrow my camera, so please bear with the crappy pictures taken off my old phone :p


Loot! Some of you might notice Illya is missing from her package because...well...I couldn't resist


One of my new favorites for sure


I finally got to watching the Rebuild of Evangelion, and everyone is so much more likable compared to the original! Rei's more of a person rather than a doll, and Asuka's not totally mentally unstable! Even Shinji had enough balls to try to rescue Ayanami (although that didn't turn out too well). Mari is also a nice addition, as far as fanservice goes.

Recently I've been more appreciative of artworks and artbooks, so I've ordered a few here and there. This month we have:


Some random Tohou books I ordered for a few cents from Rakuten Terraformer! I'm too lazy at the moment to add entries, but the one on the left is by Fujieda Miyabi (I like his art), and the right one is by Seventh Heaven MAXION, which I don't like quite as much.


Next is a release by ACG Arts, IT'S TIME. I was pleasantly surprised when my purchase came with a bag and mousepad. I think this release came with 3 possible bags and mousepads: Mari, Asuka, or Rei (or something like that), as well as a poster, but I opted out on the poster. I got the Rei bag, as well as a mousepad of Rei eating mayonnaise (you know the Japanese love their mayo). ;)


Being a big Type-Moon junkie, I couldn't resist picking a sealed copy of up Clair de Lune, even if I'm too much of a wimp to open it XD


As for grails, I finally got The Book of Saya! YES! And unopened! Plus, to my surprise,


It came with the beautiful bag! Admittedly, the bag is a bit beat up, but still a surprise to me since I had no clue it came with the book and the seller stated that the bags were sold out. The book itself is filled with great art (yes, I succumbed and opened it), so order it if you can find it! JAST USA also recently released Saya no Uta in English, so if you haven't played the game yet, or want to own a copy, you can pick one up, which I suggest doing.


Aoko! The most under-rated TM babe that gets no love! (Seriously... anybody?) IT'S OKAY AOKO I STILL LOVE YOU LOL
Not really an official product, to say, but I had a custom poster made using a scan of the Rurihime (ITEM #140226) cover blown up with some touchups. I think it came out great and is perfect for this time of year, Summer.

Well that pretty much wraps things up for this post..but wait! I forgot someone!


Pretty unusual attire, but I dig it. Business in front, party in the back. Like a mullet. Also slightly tacky in the same way as a mullet, but I'm totally okay with that. Now that I have this tie, I can be anywhere but still be with Asuna :3
And now I'll always have a date to those formal dinner parties!

But anyways, time to wrap this loot post up. Thanks for everyone who stayed through the whole thing, and hopefully I'll post more loot with an actual camera next time!

Thanks and bye from mai waifu!


Oh, and thanks to all the peeps behind MFC. The new photo uploader is great!
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Thanks guys! I'm probably going to have to scale back on the quantity of stuff I'm ordering per month since I'm saving up for detolfs and convention money, but hopefully I can share more stuff in the future!

Ranjiko7 anno/i fa#1561990Wow, I saw that tie on AmiAmi a few days ago while going through random pages. I saw that, and was thinking of buying to wear it at an occasion coming up! But the only thing that stopped me was the price, I remember it being rather expensive.. How much did you grab it for?
Love the loot by the way!

I preordered mine from AmiAmi myself. It was indeed a little pricey at 4,725 yen, but the exchange rate wasn't quite as bad as recently so I few bucks and I needed some more ties in the wardrobe. It's on the skinny side, which is pretty cool since I don't have a skinny tie.

roronoa_zoro697 anno/i fa#1562567I love that Aoko poster, where did you got it ?

I had it printed from a scanned cover by banner4sale.com, and then I went out and bought a poster frame for it.
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Nice loot you got there! Also I love Aoko too.
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Wow, I saw that tie on AmiAmi a few days ago while going through random pages. I saw that, and was thinking of buying to wear it at an occasion coming up! But the only thing that stopped me was the price, I remember it being rather expensive.. How much did you grab it for?

Love the loot by the way!
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iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd

What a discreet place for her! Hahaha! I would love to see more of these. Very stylish yet anime-oriented. I like it a lot!
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That poster looks really great, holy cow. Nice loot! (m..mullets..)
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my loot was yuno nendo and deadmaster figma
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TacoStandBoy Da Dude with Da Puncake!
Nice loot!I love that sena maid figure,I had one sena figure but she broke lol >.< now I have no Sena's ATM expt for the body pillow of her lmao
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