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Casting off TenshiCasting off Tenshi

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Recently I managed to get a hold of a second defective Tenshi body with the intention of both re-enabling the cast off option and possibly modifying the dress a bit. Before I started knifing away though I figured I would ask you guys if you had any advice and if anyone here has already done it and wanted to share.

I would like to figure out a way that, if the dress has pegs that hold the seam together like a normal castoffable piece of clothing should, would keep said pegs intact. Does anyone know if there are still pegs in the dress and if there is a way to weaken the glue enough without harming the paint to allow me to pry the seam apart? Would rapidly heating and cooling the seam with warm and cold water loosen up the glue or would doing that simply make the dress material and paint brittle and potentially damage or destroy it?

I am also considering cutting the dress in half under the third button and making a two piece top and skirt combo out of it so if anyone has any advice on cutting thin PVC in general and making it look nice it would surely be appreciated.

(It's also worth pointing out how surprised I am at the difference between the shading of these two dresses.)
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ItsaTimmy, it seems like there was no pegs here: PICTURE #653943 -> PICTURE #653944. If you are not afraid to damage the figure, you can try to heat up the dress by hairdryer - vinyl must become more soft and flexible, so you can try to slide the dress. But i'm not sure it's possible. So it's at your own risk.
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neL (5 anno/i fa) #1571205There's a seam line on the side of her dress, so you could always cut that back open, and punch in nails if you ever want to reattach it?

That was what I may end up doing. I was hoping that seam still had pegs in it though since it was part of the original cast off feature that was removed.

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The head was never glued on so that is really nice, the only thing is the seam on the side of her dress was glued together to remove it's castoffability. (It's still loose on the body.) If it comes down to it I can just cut down that slit but I was hoping to instead loosen the glue and preserve any pegs that were in there, since that would be much easier then making new pegs. As for a slit down the front I had considered doing it at least half way up since I was thinking of cutting the dress in half below the chest and making a skirt out of the bottom half, but I am not sure how nice of cut I can get in both instances and how it would look in the end. Its worth attempting though since I am not out of anything and I gain a second outfit to photograph and display Tenshi in.
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neL on ice
There's a seam line on the side of her dress, so you could always cut that back open, and punch in nails if you ever want to reattach it?
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Not at all familiar with this figure so big grain of salt here. I would start by trying to figure out how the dress was put on. Does the head come off or arms? There may be a way to reverse whatever steps were taken to put it on.

It looks to me like you may have two options with a third for fun. First, you could figure out how to make a seam where the buttons are, but there are two problems: One slip and you have a very visible cut, and the straps are still in the way to they have to go too. I don't like this one. Second option, find a way to cut the straps in the back and make enough of a slit in the back to allow the dress to open enough to slide down the body. This gets around the arm problem and hides all the cutting and seam work around back. I like this better.

Option three, just remove the dress. Don't worry about ever putting it back. This is probably going to be easy unless they glued down the bodice.

Tools to use... I like hobby knives but any sharp razor knife you can properly control will work. For delicate cuts, try to put a piece of metal or hard plastic behind whatever you are cutting. This may help keep the blade from cutting into fleshy bits.

ymmv and all that.

Good luck with it!
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Unfortunately I'm not sure myself and can't help, though you should definitely let everyone know when you decide to attempt it! I'm sure it would be an interesting read, good luck!
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