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For those of you who didn't know, Altair is re-releasing Otoya and Tokiya, PO starts tomorrow.

Both of their after market value had risen up.

I actually don't have any issues with Otoya. He's expression is spot on and accurate. I actually want to get Otoya since I'm a fan of UtaPri but I'm more of a fan of Tokiya and Mikaze Ai. And yes, I'm a big fan of Tokiya since his VA is Miyano Mamoru <3

But...It's just that I find Tokiya a bit weird T.T from all the pictures so far that were taken by users
Somewhat OK face: picture/758869&...

Somewhat weird(derpy)I think it's because he is missing that teeth: picture/758868&...

Nobody has written an english review for it, Jap yes but I'm looking for english review.

All that actually made me get a Altair Kinose Asuza since I'm diggin' the exclusivity and limited edition + the cool base.
I still have Altair's Free! to wait for.. but since there'll be a re-release prices will go down so...

Help me decide? Is UtaPri Tokiya worth it?
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What should I get

5%Otoya only
3%Tokiya only
12%Otoya and Tokiya
35%Stick to Free!
45%All 3 of them (Otoya, Tokiya, Nanase Haruka)
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Leosach7 anno/i fa#1693902even i was curious aren't you a big fan of the guy? Why didn't you buy him?
I decided completing the whole set wasn't important to me.
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I talked myself out of Tokiya after missing pre-orders and his after-market price hiking up, plus, looking at Masato (whom is my second favourite after Tokiya), his figure just looks more impressive than Tokiya's =/ Most of Altair's re-releases generally seem to be the same as their first releases, though, so you don't need to worry about differences (I have heard GSC's re-releases tend to lean forward more than their first releases?)

Personally, I might only get Masato and see how Tokiya's re-release's after price goes. Him getting a re-release doesn't mean his price will get better, though. Just look at Altair's Yuri Lowell. He's had three releases and is around 15k unopened on Mandarake....
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Personally, even though I do want the Utapri figures, I have decided that I will just collect the Free! figures. They come out next year, so I've begun saving up for them. Everytime Free! or abs come to mind, I put 10 cents into a jar. Very heavy jar right now, I might add, and I only started a few days after Haruka was announced. I'm not a huuuge fan of Utapri and I'm a bigger fan of Free!.

I say you should just buy Otoya. I always tell myself that if I want a figure but find some aspect of it weird, I shouldn't buy it. Only buy the ones you are sure you'll love.
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Just display Tokiya with the closed mouth face. That one looks nice and not derpy.
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Leosach Born this way
WindsorSeven7 anno/i fa#1693808Nope. even i was curious aren't you a big fan of the guy? Why didn't you buy him?
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eimhir kiel
If you really like Tokiya, then get him even if it has flaws and wait to get Ai later on...if Altair continues the line, but may take five years to show a prototype.
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As a person who has both figures, I can definitely say that Ittoki is worth it. I can honestly say that he is one of the nicest Alter figures I have gotten in awhile. I had doubts about the figure in the beginning, but seeing it in person completely changed my mind. Sculpt, paint, and representation are top notch on Ittoki. As for Tokiya, I have to agree with everyone else about his facial countenance being slightly off. I don't know if its his eyes, nose, or mouth, but it just feels to me that Alter ALMOST hit the mark, but just fell a bit short. Sometimes, I just think Alter didn't capture Tokiya's personality correctly in the face. The open smile head is definitely better than the default smile though. I do have to note that the detailing and sculpt work on Tokiya's outfit is better than Ittoki's, especially on the fringes.
If you were to buy one UtaPri figure, I really think you should get the one of the character you like more. Ittoki's figure may be nicer, but you'll enjoy Tokiya since his character has more meaning to you. If you just have a slight hesitation, I say go for it. If the face really does bother you that much and you can't get over it, don't get it.
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srsng7 anno/i fa#1693804Will you be getting them now that there's a re-release? (Otoya and Tokiya I mean)
I really don't know :<
It depends on the release months but I'll most likely pass them and wait for Masa and Ren - and hope they turn out better than Tokiya. As much as I would love to get them all I really don't like to pay 50 euros x2 for something that doesn't look awesome in my eyes.
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
srsng7 anno/i fa#1693804Windsor, you didn't get Tokiya?

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WindsorSeven7 anno/i fa#1693684Ittoki because he's the best boy.

Windsor, you didn't get Tokiya?

escape_rope7 anno/i fa#1693768You know, I have the same problem. I didn't get Otoya and Tokiya because I really didn't like how they came out, especially Tokiya's face. Now I've used to Otoya and I think he looks quite nice but poor Tokiya.. I really love the character (while I don't really care about Otoya) but the faces the figure comes with! I get the feeling it doesn't even look like Tokiya DD:
I love how Masa's and Ren's prototypes look and I sure get them if thet look good when painted. But because I'm a completionist I'd love to collect them all! >___<" But I can't over Tokiya's faces.. they don't look good to me :<
Maybe I'll just get Masato and Ren?
I'm also lookign forward to Altair's Free! figure(s) and I'm sure I'll get them all if they plan to make them.

Will you be getting them now that there's a re-release? (Otoya and Tokiya I mean)
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