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  • Muito bom review!! fiquei ate interessado em ver a serie! kkkkk parabens! tudo muito bem detalhado e fundamentado! vc brilhou! muito demais! :D
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    Thank you very much for this! I was so tempted to get him and Miyuki because I don't know what type of quality to expect from Di molto bene and their price tag is a big on the high end for uncertainty.

    He looks pretty nice, but as you mention there are a few flaws. Either way, they did a good job catching his character I think.
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    Aaaah so the blue-ish thing is the shading! I was wondering what that was when I saw some pic a while ago... thought that color from the box or whatever had tainted the figure lol

    And yeah that mouth... ^^"

    Oh and I do think he looks like Sawamura :) younger though...
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    He looks pretty damn good, especially for the first offering of a new company. I do agree, head-on it looks a little not-Eijun-ish. From the side it looks better. I don't think they made his bangs long/fluffy enough so he looks somehow younger from how he's usually depicted. I do like that base, too.

    Nice review! I was curious about this one.
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