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Companies are gambling with your figurines.Commenti • Companies are gambling with your figurines.

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    enjoime_CB Crown Clown
    Dude! I'll never know the feeling of paying customs for figures you already brought! I hope everybody wouldn't have to pay any customs like in the US.
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    Josine (1 anno/i fa) #31120620But I agree maybe stores shouldn't undervalue if you didn't ask for it

    Granted if I asked for an item to be undervalued then it is my responsibility to say yeah I am at fault thus live with it. But not if a company does it without my consent.

    = )

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    Even though I'm from the US and this problem doesn't really apply for individual consumers, I'm kind of interested to know what Canadian law has to say about this.

    Common sense would seem to indicate that if you pay $200 for a product, the shipper declares a value of $20, and the product is lost/damaged, the customer's bank/credit card issuer will recover the $200 from the merchant, refund the customer, and then the merchant can try to scrape back $20 for the item from the postal agency.

    On the other hand, it wouldn't exactly surprise me if the bank/credit card company dragged their feet, as a natural question would be "why have we got $200 changing hands for an item worth $20 in the eyes of the law?". Now, if the customer was blameless and did not request an undervaluation, common sense would seem to indicate that they are in the hole (in good faith) for $200 and the bank would go after the merchant for $200.

    On the other hand, if the customer requested the undervaluation then we've got a situation where neither the customer nor the merchant has "clean hands". It wouldn't be impossible to imagine the credit card company not wanting to do much about it, leaving the only the courts as a recourse, who probably will also not be too interested in helping a plaintiff who was more than willing to skirt Customs laws.
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    I've honestly never thought of it this way.... you've actually really opened my eyes to this.

    I order a lot from AmiAmi which don't undervalue at all (which can really suck because customs ;-;) but I don't order anything too expensive, mainly just nendoroids. When it comes to scales I'll order from somewhere that undervalues, which I guess is a risk I'm always willing to take as I've never recieved anything broken before. But I guess if one day I do receieve a broken figure then I'll probably be more careful and rather pay the extra customs charge. Maybe it's one of those things where you always risk it till the worst possible outcome happens.
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    I happily undervalue everything I order. Not paying customs saves me 20-30 euro per order so undervaluing every time saves me more money than it will cost me the one time something arrives broken or gets lost (which luckily hasn't happened to me yet).

    But I agree maybe stores shouldn't undervalue if you didn't ask for it
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    Totally agree that it is a double-edged sword. Tbh I try not to ship too expensive figures internationally and not buy from stores that have a bad reputation, and I'm glad when/if I save customs money; but I'd happily pay any taxes to prevent the risks of a long customer claim battle due to deliberate devaluation.
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