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I’m unimpressed with figure companies lately...Commenti • I’m unimpressed with figure companies lately...

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    Even as a huge fan of Fate, I still can't get my favorite character's figures.
    If it isn't Artoria or Jeanne or someone hugely popular you still get nothing.

    Where's my Brynhildr? Osakabehime? The Valkyries? Sigurd?
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    Let me be honest. Before Fate it was Touken Ranbu, Miku, Sonico, KanColle, even Touhou. There will always be one Main-Hype for the Companies. Fate was always popular and has its big boom because of FGO. But even without FGO Fate was always great to grap money. That wont change, even when FGO dies. Just look how much Fate Series exist. There will be another Trend coming, we just dont know when. If I was you, I'd be happy about the amount of money you're keeping. Just wait and hope.
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    I agree with the IDOLS thing!
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    I think it's really awesome how many video game IPs are getting figures made, especially in regards to nendoroids, such a wide variety of unexpected game characters like Kratos, Geralt, Overwatch, and all the Nintendo and Capcom characters too. I'm pretty excited for the future. I really hope Good Smile Company announces Devil May Cry nendoroids at Wonfes. :)
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    Luckily for me I love FGO and idols, Alter being my favorite company, I'm never left unimpressed.
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    I actually think because the figure companies cash in on the popular crap like Fate, the idols, and KanColle they have the freedom and financial leeway to make some of the older or lesser known characters into figures. Like, Alter's Okoi Nekomata. Oboro Muramasa came out 9 years ago, but they still made a gorgeous figure from the game. There's never an end to Puella Magi figures. Koneko is always getting some sexy new figure every year. The to Love Ru girls are always around even though that series hasn't been in the spotlight in years. Characters from Kin-moza and Gochiusa still get figures. There's even a new figure of Aina from Gundam the 08th MS Team and that came out in 1996. They may not get as much hype, but there are plenty of figures of other characters from lesser known or older shows if you take the time to look past what is over-advertised.

    Even the person mentioning Eureka Seven, don't forget the new Hi-Evolution movies are airing in theaters, so there's a rekindling of the fandom which means possible new figures, and we all know it's the adults that buy the most figures, not the people who were babies when it aired on tv.

    Now if we want to talk the constant and somewhat sharp increase in price... then yeah F that! Just in the 4 years since I started collecting the prices went up about $40 across the board for scales, and like $20-$30 for Nendos. But inflation has no boundaries, so it affects all parts of the economy equally.
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    Heliodora (5 giorno/i fa) #48170585I feel as if 2018 was a really good year for figures other than Fate and Idols. We got BL figures, BL nendoroids, shonen anime/manga nendoroids and a lot of older anime figures.
    This sums up my feelings towards this entry really nicely. We've been getting a lot of older stuff, a lot of bl, a lot of otome, and a lot male idols (or well, at least from GSC). I guess if you don't like nendoroids it kinda sucks , but I don't agree that it's all just Fate & Love Live. Like I won't lie, yes there is a decent amount of it, and it gets promoted a lot, but I feel like it's not 100% everything. Hell, even as a Love Live fan I saw last wonfes and I kinda scratched my heads at what felt like a lack of Love Live Sunshine? Like I can understand the disdain for seeing this stuff everywhere, and I do sympathize, but I feel like maybe you're seeing what you don't like and it's like magnified in your mind or something OP
    Mae33 (5 giorno/i fa) #48174414Alter makes me sad too that its just constant Love Live figures over and over again, I wish they would give other idol shows a shot at least, especially more boy idols.
    This would be nice.
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    Supply and demand.

    I don't see why figure companies should appease a minority market when the majority wants more Fate/GO figures. Arguably, there might not be enough Saber figures if they constantly get sold out.

    We have do have figures from relatively unknown/old/niche series, but many times these end up on the bargain bins and it makes sense for companies to cut down on that risk and instead produce a figure that guarantees sales.

    I think someone mentioned Eureka Seven? Some anime fans were literally babies when that series came out, and it's not exactly a series that was well-known or most people know of, so sales will likely be very low. (Keep in mind that's it's also rather dated in art style now too, lowering the chances of "window shopping".)

    When a figure company makes a figure, they have to make a batch of thousands to keep manufacturing costs low. So they can't afford to make just make a dozen figures from X series and sell that, design costs and etc. would eat up a huge portion without sufficient sales.
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    I don't think the sculptors are any less...artistic, but I think the issue here probably relates more to the internet killing creativity and productivity. So while there are more people in the world than ever, there's less imagination than ever too.

    Give me one "Netflix" or whatever show that's up there with Breaking Bad or the first 3 or 4 seasons of Game of Thrones. People seem to like that Hero Academia show, I watched maybe 10 episodes - not for me. Give me one comedy show that's as good as Seinfeld or the first 6 seasons of The Simpsons.
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    We must not forget the figure industry is more about business and marketing strategies than it is catering to fans. It makes sense they would go with what's in and popular: it's going to make them money. Making figures from series that are lesser known can be a gamble for most companies. What's really ridiculous is lack in quality, but still having absurd prices lately.
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