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  • I’ve got a whole bunch of pre-orders left for this year, and then nothing but perhaps one for next year. After that I gotta start saving. Nothing to make you aware you have a spending problem than actually calculating how much left you have to spend on food per month!
    But importantly, it’s a hobby. There shouldn’t be pressure - just come back to it if you feel like it! I’ve had some regrettable purchases but hey, something to sell!
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    It's okay to slow down and take a break. I'm applying bits of the Konmari method to my life like only do or buy something that sparks joy for me. If something I purchased in the past doesn't interest me anymore, I sell it to a secondhand store like Book-off or donate it to Goodwill or a library. I feel good whenever I do the two mentioned things because it's not sitting around collecting dust. Plus, the item(s) would be picked up by someone interested in the subject.

    If you want to stop a hobby, then that's okay. I rather see people do what they enjoy than people forcing themselves to do something when they've no interest in it.
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    your interest in specific hobbies can change and it's ok to no longer enjoy something as much as you used to. i used to be really into collecting makeup and spent a lot of money on it, but one day i realized it was just a money waste and i didn't really get a lot out of it and i sold off a majority of my collection. (kind of like how i was obsessed with achievement hunting and overwatch skins lol).

    now i spend money on things i really value at this time, like books/manga, original art, and figures. i have been collecting figures for a while, but my purchasing ebs and flows depending on my mood/wallet. but it's ok to decide you don't want to do something anymore or just want to take a break from it.
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    Well, for better or worse, a long time ago I found out that my depression makes me slow down or downright ignore my hobbies, sometimes even for years. And, depression or not, it's always good to take break for a while. You'll either pick it up again or find something else - and that's fine; no need to force yourself or worry about this!

    In fact, recently I've also slowed down a lot when it comes to buying figures, especially after I noticed that I have a pile of unbuilt model kits. Nowadays I'm more likely to buy an artbook, a set of dice, a video game or something on KS rather than a figure/model kit.
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    I think for any hobby, taking a break or slowly down is a good thing :) Use that hard earned cash on treating yourself to a nice restaurant, a shopping day, a different hobby, etc. Several times I have paused on watching anime and collecting all together because it wasn't meeting my needs or making happy. It did the opposite. The magic was gone.

    Definitely take this time to revaluate your financial, personal and collecting goals. At the end of day your mental state and health comes first.

    Anyways sorry about my rambling, but I hope this helps. Have a wonderful day!
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