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  • I agree, it's annoying, but as long as there's no code enforcing things, people are going to do what they want, as they have different personal definitions for what each category means. I just look at the statistics as a fun little bonus that gives you a general idea, but not as something concrete. A lot of people don't even put their figures on here. Then you get the people that just vanish. If you look at the ordered statistic for most older figures, you'll see quite a few that ordered the item years and years ago. Either shipping to them really sucks, or they just never bothered to update, or they left altogether.
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    So? Maybe they paid the PO and count them as already owning since they completed their part of the deal. Some people don't care for nuances to keep updating from wished to ordered to owned and just straight up own it (same like I dont care about the rating and fill it up as 10* everytime since I only collect what I find amazing). Some live in Japan and have access to the figures way ahead of everybody (you can see that on youtube, there are people unboxing figures that are months away from EU/NA release). Who cares. As for the statistics accuracy, it's to be taken in broad view. That's what statistics are - estimates. Same like screening for health issues. It gives you an idea, in reality, it can be completely different.
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    Just like any list in any community out there, I tend to guess that people have several ways of managing their own list and one shouldn't judge them as long as they aren't harming the others. I own a bootleg that I've bought in my earlier years of collecting (I didn't even know bootlegs were a thing), I have yet to throw her since she's quite well-done but I haven't added her in my "Owned" collection since I only want to add legit figures to that list. However, some people might add bootlegs or E2046 recasts in their list which is fine as well. Some people add figures to their order list even though they haven't even been up for pre-order yet because they know for sure they'll order it, that is fine as well. I tend to not think much about the statistics themselves.
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    All jokes aside, I mark my figures as "owned" when I pay off the remaining balance for the pre-order (including when it hasn't shipped out to me). It's nothing to get too upset about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I'd suggest reading up on the Lizardman's Constant. 2 or 3 people claiming they own an unreleased figure isn't that bad relative to typical survey results.
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    I've never been too bothered by these things as MFC is just a community in the end that probably doesn't represent figure collecting as a whole. The statistics here aren't of much use.

    As for myself, I add things to owned when they ship or when I pay for a pre-order right before release (some companies ask me to pay a day or two in advance). I might not have them in my hands yet, but that way, I know I don't have to check updates for it anymore.
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    > This makes me wonder if any of these statistics can truly be trusted for accuracy?

    Er, welcome to statistics I guess? Stats are very rarely 100% correct to the truth. There's going to be some error from various factors.

    You can trust the statistics on a wider level - the percentage of people marking as owned before owning is probably fairly consistent, and if you were running a report, you could exclude people known to mark as owned prior to a figure's release. Rarely do people care for the exact ordered number, but rather the magnitude, which is still represented. Overall, MFC is too small a crowd to actually tell you order numbers - some figures are super-popular in Japan/China but not in the West, so it only gives you an approximate from a certain self-selecting crowd. And there are things like action figure collectors may not even bother with a database account anywhere, because it's less of a thing in that community. Certain figure types have consistently low ordered/owned numbers, even if the thing's selling like hotcakes due to the nature of this community.

    There are also statistical errors from people abandoning the site and, well, dying. Morbid as it is, some of the "ordereds" will never progress to "owned"/removed because the user is no longer with us.

    MFC is a rock-bottom priority for some people - I know a few people who only update their MFC maybe twice a year.
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    It's possible that these people do own the object they say they do, only they don't own a genuine version. I have seen bootleg figures available for order well before the official release date.

    It may just be that they put owned if they have on pre-order and they already paid, so they consider it already theirs as once it's released they will have one.
    For me I only put owned when I have taken delivery, depends on your point of view.

    I do find it odd sometimes looking at listings to see owned before the release date, I just assume they did something wrong and move on.
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    Yes, man, you shouldn't care.

    Go out (but be careful, wear your mask and bring a hand sanitizer!). Get some fresh air. Walk your doggo. Pet your doggo. It's really not that big of a deal. Find something that makes you feel calm or a hobby that's more productive. You'll be happier that way.

    Take care of yourself.
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    Ordered items don't show up in the statistics section. I'm guessing that some people mark ordered items as owned because they want to be able to see a more accurate list of how much they spent.
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