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  • Seriously, I'll never understand you guys.
    You spend thousands on figures and put them in a Detolf?
    Like buying 10 Lamborghinis and putting them in a cardboard garage.
    I bet just one of your 1/4 figures is worth more than 3 Detolfs.
    And then you're afraid that the cheapest of cheap glass-door cabinet might break.
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    Thankfully the plastic (PVC/ABS) figures are quite light. As a rule I would never use glass as shelves anyway, they are beautiful but I like to over-engineer things.

    I understand the feeling of anxiety though! I had loaded up a factory bought bookshelf of mine with probably about 200 pounds of books and $3,000 worth of very heavy resin statues. When I got another 60 pounds ($1,200) of statues to add I suddenly freaked out, and decided I should design and build my own sturdy display case. Haha ^_^
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    Definitely your shelf extenders I would think are weaker than the actual glass shelf. When you get into actually calculating the weight that the glass can hold, at the default thickness and span, it's up almost at 80lbs. I believe that there's a picture on the net somewhere where there's, iirc, 75lbs (Correction, it's 70lbs) of exercise weights on a Detolf shelf...

    I'd say that as far as the weight of 3 to 4 1/4's goes, you're likely safe even if the extenders are the weak point...
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    In your case, I'd honestly be more worried about the extenders. Most of those are 3d printed, and I don't know anything about the strength of te material used.
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    I think it should be fine, but I wouldn't overdo it. People might have heavier and more things on their shelves, but if it doesn't break now, it doesn't mean it can't break in the future.. just the cases of people's detolf glasses exploding randomly after years is enough for me.

    If you want to look up the weight, I order figures from the online shop called Figuya which always lists the size and weight of the figures. It's a German shop but you can also pick English as your language. The site will only display in stock and preorder items, but you can search up for the figures you own and pick "sold out" and they will show up. Or simply like I do, use google search. Like for example "figuya zero two bunny" and it will appear immediately.
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    Jo_Okumura ಠ︵ಠ
    I've been for years in a community of resin statue collector,I've seen multiples collector put a 5kg statue in each shelf.

    I did something similiar too,i have a small shrine with all the merchandise of a character i like,this include a 5~8kg resin statue.
    The shelf have been like that for 4 years and the glass is ok,not a single sign of breaking

    So yeah,i think you can go over the limit weight
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    Maybell ♥️
    I've been displaying heavier/more Figures then this in my Detolfs for years...nothing ever happened. (and I have 6 of them xD)
    You should be absolutely fine with this setup. :)
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    Unless the quality went downhill over the years (which is entirely possible judging by some other products) it is able to handle at least 1.5x rated weight.
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    skydust72 mese/i fa#98518773Ikea actually reduced the weight limit to 8 pounds some time ago, but I'm really not quite sure they did that. To not get sued if it breaks. xD
    "Oh you put on the shelf something that weighs over 8 pounds? It's a shame that instructions clearly state limit of 8 punds and you cannot sue us. :)"
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    Ikea actually reduced the weight limit to 8 pounds some time ago, but I'm really not quite sure they did that. Tempered glass is very very strong, and if you go to any website that calculates the strength of tempered glass given the length, width, thickness, and distance between the support, the detolf is rated for well over 100+ pounds. I have a figure that weights around 11 pounds and it's been sitting on my top level detolf for 2 months now and everything's perfectly fine.
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