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  • chickenmaster6 mese/i fa#105555878If you don't mind me asking, what did you order?I ordered a resin statue. The size is "technically" 1/4, but since this character is a giant, it's actually closer to 1/2.5 scale. I posted an extremely long 2-part review if you're interested here: BLOG #52427

    It turns out that it shipped via UPS, not DHL.
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    Venetica8 mese/i fa#103926368Is this only from Japan or everywhere? Because I literally just had a DHL package ship from China yesterday, and I paid $1140 for it as it is...
    If you don't mind me asking, what did you order? I order a 1/4 standing bunny figure, and at first they wanted me to pay $400 for shipping. Then I paid for a shipping expert, and it went to $150 shipping. Then later they send me an invoice saying I needed to pay $250 extra for shipping since EMS was now going by volumetric weight (base on the shipping company). I have to fight with customer support until we both agree on $80 extra. It was a huge fight, but it made me think about my other orders that I have with them. Shipping prices are going up the roof, so it makes me think about where I should buy figures and taking it slow on pre-ordering figures.
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    I've literally bought 1 figure in the past year because I already couldn't justify the insane shipping to Canada. Looks like I'm going to have to cancel my ONE upcoming preorder and hope amiami doesn't ban me :(
    Why does Canada specifically have no options other than DHL? I'd even wait the 3 months for a surface parcel to arrive if it meant not spending more for shipping than the actual figure is worth with DHL
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    Mai-san8 mese/i fa#104077895Same, italian here and you don't know how much I understand you. I have preorders these months and the only method I can use is DHL. (finalmente un italiano con il mio stesso "hobby")

    as I said before for big figures (1/4 or figure where amiami says "Shipping costs for this item may be very high due to package size or/and weight") I'm starting use amazon jp

    I'm more worried for GSC figures, I dont know if they already found an alternative for EMS, otherwise the will hold our orders indefinitely

    (su mfc ci sono diversi italiani, alcuni sono "mostri sacri" del sito con il loro enorme contributo nel corso degli anni, cercali anche tra i miei amici se vuoi :) )
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    Hokuto8 mese/i fa#103978721DHL for Italy has always been prohibitive (I paid 21k for last 1/4 freeing Asuna)
    furthermore now we dont have EMS
    before this news I was already pondering to move some order (especially figures with big packages) from AmiAmi to Amazon JP, now I'm sure to do that: I've already seen shipping costs are a lot lower and I can also pay customs at the same time, they only thing i dont like is they dont offer paypal payment
    Same, italian here and you don't know how much I understand you. I have preorders these months and the only method I can use is DHL. (finalmente un italiano con il mio stesso "hobby")
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    Will this happen only with amiami? or is this a general thing?
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    4448 mese/i fa#103911542aaaaaa I really hope this is a temporary thing and not a permanent thing!! I need to cancel some pre-orders and look elsewhere to re-order them :(
    sadly it is permanent I spoke with an amiami customer service person. I'm not sure why this is happening :/
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    [q?saber0878 mese/i fa#103924736can someone explain to me why EMS / regular airmail are not available to US / Canada and yet available to other countries. is it shipping companies refusing to ship or just really strict in US / Canada right now?

    ems airmail is not available during the holidays but it will return. normal ems is available in the USA but in my experience, they always deliver my packages late and I've gotten multiple broken figures with ems handled by USPS. but to answer your question airmail should be back by next year to usa
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    lonelytuning8 mese/i fa#103924437Oh wow, this is rough. I ordered ITEM #1233593 through them, I’d really hate to cancel her but if DHL’s going to be insane… does anyone know if this is going to be permanent or just because of shipping demand right now?

    yes, they said it will be permanent which sucks since i use dhl all the time.
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    I spoke with customer service and they said this price increase is permanent. it sucks since I really like dhl better than ems. luckily my orders usually are shipped in a 120 box so shipping isn't too bad. however, my January order will probably be shipped in a bigger box so shipping will be over 100 :/.
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