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    I have always been a collector, pretty much since I was old enough to pick out what I wanted at the store lol. My dad, being a collector, gladly encouraged this. In my youth I had a massive collection of littlest pet shops, Webkinz, and a select few other plushie and toy lines--I was hardcore, too! Got myself a subscription to Plushie Pals magazine and everything, LOL. Looking back, wow did my parents spoil me into it though; a kid my age should've had a sizeable rock collection, not a room full of $15 plushies and stuff!

    Then I hit my edgy teen phase and "refined" myself to collecting books (queue my home library full of teen supernatural romance lmao), but I re-emerged as a collector hardcore starting about 5 years ago at the end of high school!

    And, well, now with my own income to funnel into it... Catch me with 500 figures and toys catalogued here, 250 pieces of merch... and equally as many toys that don't fit in the database. And yeah, of course I ended up collecting back a chunk of littlest pet shops too--some things never change!

    So all in all I've been collecting for probably about 15 years. And now that I say it, I realize that I may be... significantly more fast-paced than a lot of people XD
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    LittlePisces2 mese/i fa#80469651Started out by collecting Littlest Pet Shops at a young age until I turned 13.

    You collected Littlest Petshop? You mean the original run in 1990s?
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    since 2013
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    HassySoda Autumn girl
    I mighta been like.....18 or something? So around 11 years or so - v -;
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    MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
    I bought my first figure (ITEM #5061) in...maybe 2005/2006? I don't still have her, as I broke her and didn't realize how easy she would have been to fix, but I replaced her a year or so ago courtesy of a friendly seller on MFC! I had previously collected Pokemon cards and trading figures, as well as non-anime toys/figures, but this was my first pre-painted anime figure.

    I collected casually for a bit and amassed a decent amount of stuff, but I ultimately sold my collection in 2014 due to financial reasons outside my control (another person made choices that cost me several thousand dollars). I thought I wasn't going to collect anymore, but the in 2015 I picked up ITEM #26787 and was reminded how much I had loved collecting before, and it's been a downward spiral ever since.

    TLDR: I've been casually collecting for most of my life, but I sold my collection in 2014 (for reasons) and started over in 2015. My current collection is almost entirely from 2015 to now, with a few exceptions.
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    Started out by collecting Littlest Pet Shops at a young age until I turned 13.

    I discovered anime figures when I seriously got into anime in my early teens. Only knew about Nendoroids and prize figures. Never had a job in my teens, so I would window shop mostly Nendoroids. I was also a papercraft enthusiast.

    For fun, I like to make my own drawings of characters as Nendoroids. Pretty much the characters that don't have one. I do recall drawing a Starfire one and I drew one for Yomi Takanashi from the TV version of BRS.

    In 2018, I discovered MFC when searching for BRS merchandise. I was a lurker until I made an account in 2019. Started collecting on the same year I joined here.
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    First figure was a Zant gashapon from Twilight Princess, as I needed him as a reference back in 2007.

    Didn't start officially collecting until beginning of 2011, after watching Actar Figure Reviews, suggesting I'd get the Robot Damashii version of Evangelion Unit 1 and 2.
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    Approx 1998
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    I started really getting into anime about ~12 years ago, I had an interest in figures back then, but due to being a poor school kid I didn't buy any, I didn't even know where to buy them from. I mostly collected dvds and manga because I could get those locally.
    Once I got my first actual job, I started collecting figures and other merch in late 2015 :)
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    citrus2 mese/i fa#80468808I mean no offense by this.
    In the past few years, you mentioned multiple times that you want to stop collecting figures and/or leave MFC, but you keep coming back. Why is that?
    WhoBeDaPlaya2 mese/i fa#80468982https://i.gifer.com/CEff.gif

    That's a excellent response since that's why.

    Plus the fact I ummm Like Collecting?

    It's not so easy to drop when you've done it for most of your life.
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