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For those who haven't heard of the amazing Sader, it is a very poorly made bootleg of this Saber ITEM #205 figure.

Although Sader is probably one of the sadest bootlegs to ever come out of a factory, she has became a worldwide legend and has a wide Internet fandom.

Disclaimer: This club does not condone the manufacturing, selling or buying of bootlegs.
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Ruttsu as Ruttsu
The legend is still alive in 2018, this nice article is the proof XD

Article by YAIBA
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Hey Everyone, check out where Sader landed on our list! Subscribe for weekly videos ;)
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I want dis...
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Ruttsu as Ruttsu
Since we can't add her to MFC's database, here it is: Sader fan club database club/1087/discu..., it only has one figure, Sader of course, IMO the only bootleg that should be allowed to exist, because no one will mistake her for the real thing XD
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This is the only club that matters.

I need this bootleg legend so bad.
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Ruttsu as Ruttsu
I made a proper sword for Sader, built and painted to match her style and quality XD


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Ruttsu as Ruttsu
2nd Update: Side by side comparison here: Sader pics and stuff...club/1087/discu...
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Ruttsu as Ruttsu
Update: Sader unboxing pictures here: Sader pics and stuff...club/1087/discu...
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Ruttsu as Ruttsu
It's here!!! my precious... XD I'll make a review soon :D
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Ruttsu6 anno/i fa#1957784Guess who is being held at the Portuguese customs XD

They found her look suspicious! xD
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