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Maybe you're not a big Pokemon fan but you love Eevee?
Maybe you are a big Pokemon fan and love Eevee?
Do you LOVE Eevee?
Then join! <3
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i love pokemon and manga-city.fr/
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Hey there i love eeveelutions !
I love to buy merchandise that has the whole group togheter ^^

I once bought tsumtsum eeveelutions but i couldnt find umbreon,sylveon and espeon to complete my collection, if someone has these i am willing to buy them ^^
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Just joined! I love the eeveelutions. Tbh im not a big diehard fan anymore of pokemon but my love for the eveelutions never fades. I really like all and got 2 eeveelutions atm on pokemon go ^_^
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mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
So who is gonna have Eeveelutions on their Ruby/Sapphire team? I'm going for Sylveon and then either Leafeon or Glaceon, maybe both.
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Hey everyone, I collect eeveelution stuff and end up with a lot of extras in the lots I get, they're up for sale/trade here for people interested! ^^~ splash.livejour...
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*__* Weee~, this is super cute. Thanks!
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Asako Om nom nom
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Liraya7 anno/i fa#1878841It's awesome. <3 I hope to watch it again before they take it down again like Origins.

Finally got to see it! (though, I ended up having to watch it at work during my lunch break, but apparently that got me some cool points with a handful of students that sit in the room and eat ;P ).

And I quite agree; it's too adorable for words during the little introductions for each Eeveelution. And I really liked how they used combining abilities/attacks during what I can only describe as the "Poke-rave" in the last bit. Very awesome visual display. :D
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Asako Om nom nom
Liraya7 anno/i fa#1880857Could you take some pictures or a video of your Sylveon for me?

I was going to today but then got busy and now it is quite dark and unsuited to videoing. I will do something tomorrow though.
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