Fantastical girlsFantastical girlsA club for the appreciation of detailed girl figures!

Girl figures only! Crazy, wild hair. Wings. Flying weapons. Or anything over 200mm.

This is a place to appreciate the wild, amazing things that figure artists have done to capture (and tame...?) the spirit of these wonderful ladies.

[edit: since this has been driving me crazy looking at other clubs, the thumbnail for this club is from item #143923]

The truth is, I haven’t been into figures for very long, so I want to see the really cool stuff. Stuff like these lovelies:

item #27602

item #98976

item #80601

item #41779

Let’s celebrate them! And yes, there are amazing figures for mecha and guys, too... But they can have their own clubs.

Go go go! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

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02 anno/i fakataklismkataklism
what about these 2?
item #144312
item #166816
03 anno/i faaprilwithfluffaprilwithfluff
These are the two I can think of right off hand:

item #162401
item #196529
04 anno/i fascabbotscabbot
Thanks Meruru!
meruru (4 anno/i fa) #1843529
item #17429

Instantly wished! >^*^<
04 anno/i fascabbotscabbot
Okay, help me out here peeps. I know you know more than I do! Thanks!

Fantastical girls


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