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Alright seems like making clubs the fashionable thing as of late and being the trend following whore I am I figured I'd make one up...Thus the Mecha Musume Club!

So feel free to join up if your the type to like their gals with atleast a few pieces of metal stuck to em. ^_^


*I'll probably change this frontpage later when I'm feeling less lazy...whenever the hell that I'll be*
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I just finished a review of a figure related to the club! ^^ BLOG #16332
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Interesting artbook review for the club? :) BLOG #14967
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And another review interesting for club members! BLOG #13391
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Just finished another review of a Mecha Musume / Humikane Shimada figure! BLOG #11083
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I'm selling all of my mecha musume (look at my collection). Just Pm me for more info. All perdect state.
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when will the AGP line of charlotte dunois will be released? LOL
I've been waiting since the 1st time AGP cecilia was announced...

but with the upcoming new anime of Infinite stratos, I hope they'll make the charlotte one :v
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I wrote a review related of a Mecha Musume design-figure from Humikane Shimada: BLOG #7642
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ITEM #68914 isn't in the related items!
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116th :3
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Nana by Orchidseed made me a mecha musume fan.
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