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Alter fans united !
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How often does alter rerelease?
If there's already been 2 releases.. is a third impossible?
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Hi everyone, just join this club, alter made some really awesome figure.
Everyone have a wonderful day
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tomocchi2 anno/i fa#30814662Mine was ITEM #73323. Still one of my favorites. <3
And yours? :)

Mine was a Monogatari Mayoi figure, you can see it on my account :) Thank you for letting me know! Nice figure. I'm jealous :P
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tomocchi Superneko
sarasstuff2 anno/i fa#30781575What was your first Alter figure? :)

Mine was ITEM #73323. Still one of my favorites. <3
And yours? :)
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What was your first Alter figure? :)
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Hi! Does anyone have the box for the Alter 1/7 Santa Sonico that they are willing to give away?

I just bought this but the box is beat up :(
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Hi! I'm selling some Alter anime figures!! S MINT condition + trackable shipping worldwide!! Plz check my list LIST #63567 PM me if interested =)
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Bloempje Hunting my grails
Hiiiii alter fans, i revived this club alter is my no 1#
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These are my collection of Alter figures so far!. profiles.php?so...
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secretly-otaku6 anno/i fa#1662608You're so right! Wow, I can't believe it's been 6 months already and I'm still looking for my 2nd Alter figure xD. Hopefully, one of these will be my 2nd one ITEM #42025 or ITEM #4323. Such a nice Menma you have, BTW!

Ahh, that bakemonogatari is super nice! And thank you <3 I love Menma :)
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