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Hey, champ in the making! Welcome to the Tsuki City Pokémon Gym! The trainers here specialize in FIGURE and PLUSH type Pokémon!

This is a club for fans of the Pocket Monsters (Pokémon) series and the figures, toys, and other merchandise related to it. I didn't see any groups related to it so I decided to make one myself! Please feel free to join, discuss, and contribute~!

There are still a lot of uncharted Pokémon out there, so let's work together to fill the database pokédex with entries!

Wow I sure forgot about this site for years. Or rather, I simply just didn't come by. I never forgot y'all. But hey, let's try to revive the Tsuki City Gym! What do you say, trainers? So far, I've added over 360 new items.

Please hit me up via PM if you'd like to serve as a moderator!
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lucasushio9 mese/i fa#67010213poor thing this group is dead :(

I'm hoping to bring this group back from the dead! Let's all work together to add missing items and spruce things up! Hit me up via private message if you'd like to assist as a moderator!
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poor thing this group is dead :(
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All 151 original pokemon will have a plush (30 soon, the rest to come in november). BEST THING POKEMON CENTER HAS DONE IN YEARS.
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Are we alive here XD;;; There's so much Pokemon stuff coming out still but there's hardly any club activity on mfc D:!
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Arwen17 Vegan FigureSkater Ballerina
Hello, fellow poke-fans! Thought you might enjoy this:

I have a Ponyta/Rapidash fetish: PICTURE #1533904

And then also have charizard and rayquaza figures: PICTURE #1533903
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Anybody here collect Pokemon Pan Stickers? I've got a Pan Sticker shop here~ splashpan.store...
Pan stickers are awesome! They can be used and REUSED on many surfaces. I personally use them to decorate my laptop, windows, cell phone case, 3DS, and much more!
Shipping is just a flat $1 for all US orders and $3 for international!
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LovelyIdiot5 anno/i fa#2664782Has anyone seen this book on the database? pokevault.com/T...

Don't think so, you could always add it yourself :)
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Has anyone seen this book on the database? pokevault.com/T...
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Chidoru Selling some figures!
I wish our database had more Pokémon merchandise! I'm starting to slowly add items as I order them. I encourage all of you to create database entries for any of your Pokémon merchandise that is not already listed here~
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Hey everyone, I end up with a lot of Pokemon extra plush/figures/flats in the lots I get, they're up for sale/trade here for people interested! ^^~ splash.livejour...

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