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    Hello all CLAMP fans I have a question if anyone is willing to help answer regarding Clamp in 3-D Land figurines.

    Are they detachable especially from the ones that have plain black bases?

    I received one straight from Japan and it came detached from it's base I think it's broken hope not...

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    agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
    karolannafellows2 anno/i fa#28272606What CLAMP figures?
    Just wondering

    Trading figures, nendoroids, figmas and ect. That's what I mean. What else would I mean?
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    agentmozell3 anno/i fa#22528955Looking for any CLAMP figures. ♥ Please comment on my profile or PM me on what you're selling and for how much. I am based in the US.

    What CLAMP figures?

    Just wondering
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    agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
    Looking for any CLAMP figures. ♥ Please comment on my profile or PM me on what you're selling and for how much. I am based in the US.
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    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking for some cards from "CLAMP in CARDLAND" series:

    Clamp in Cardland Vol. 5
    UR 05-012, UR 05-019, UR 05-025, UR 05-027, SE 05-028, SR 05-070, SR 05-105

    Clamp in Cardland Promo
    PR 018, PR 01-079b, PR 02-036b, PR 02-046b


    Tsubasa Chronicle Trading Collection
    SP 3, SP 5

    If you have any or know where can buy, please send me PM, thanks!
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    Very rare Syaoran (TSC) bust one left in stock from Playmoya
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    kage-ouji6 anno/i fa#1748304Due to my college situation, I have to sell some of my CLAMP in 3D Land figures :( If anyone is interested, please pm me ;___; It will take me a day or so to go through my collection. I am also selling the Clover omnibus for $14 SHIPPED in the U.S. I'm interested in the 3d land figure Fai & Kobato can you cut me a deal plwease I'm on a very tight leash of a budget ;_; !
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    This comment is in regards to Kotobukiya's Ani-Statue Kobato Hanato from the CLAMP series: Kobato.
    "I think Kotobukiya or the sculptor missed something or skipped it in the final draft of this figure in the cover for CLAMP Kimono, she (Kobato) clearly has little white wings (like Sakura Kinomoto's 1st opening/manga cover uniform) in the art cover, but in the figure she clearly doesn't have them, hmmm...?"
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    Finally clamp´s figma. I ordered a Sakura
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