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Can't resist those so damn cute little figures? Come and share your love for Nendoroids! They deserve it.
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Nendoroids are awesome! They're cute, easily affordable and they don't take up a lot of space.
Lately I've been collecting more and more Nendo's and they have become one of my favorite type of figures!
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Hello new member here. I hope as I grow my collection I’ll be able to share this hobby of ours here<3
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Love anime nendoroid figures! They are adorable. I blog about them because I think in terms of figures they are the best.

Blog: thehugeanifan.w...

I am having my 10 Year anime blog anniversary. Stop by and say hi and enter the giveaway as part of the celebrations.

Aniblogadversary & Giveaway:
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Hi all! Happy to buy nendo pieces/parts for obitsuroid shenanigans. Esp bnha/hq <3
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Nendoroids are the best for making custom figures
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How do i join??
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Hi my first nendroid hasn't even came in yet but I'm so excited for him to get here! He is Inumaki from Jujutsu Kaisen and he is so adorable! I wanted my first to be either Chuuya from Bungous Stray Dogs or Hinatas from Haikyuu but couldn't find either of them for a decent price. But I got Inumaki from TOM for about 46 bucks so I'm happy I'm excited to get him in July!!
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Hi everyone! I am a nendo collector and have been for about 1.5 years. I absolutely love them and have somewhat of an addiction to them lolz. I have 38 nendoroids currently, and my collection has yet to be completed. Nice to meet you all and I hope I can connect with some other nendoroid lovers! :)
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Nice to meet you, I also love nendoroids and would like to share this wonderful hobby with you. (´• ω •`) ♡
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Hii everyone!! New member here :) Nendos are my favorite thing ever and take up about 95% of my collection. My nendo army has been growing for years and right now I have about 94 nendos out of my 101 figures haha
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