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  • mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
    Hey everyone! If you live in America, Netflix has Digimon, and it's in Japanese! That's rare as Netflix doesn't usually have Japanese as an option!
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    Raithos Stagnant
    D Arts is doing digi-justice atm
    9 anno/i fa
    Did they ever get around making plushies for Coronamon and Lunamon... :<
    9 anno/i fa
    mememo Sale Hunter
    Digimon now that brings back some good childhood Memories ^_^
    10 anno/i fa
    I used to watch digimon every time it was on tv.
    10 anno/i fa
    It really is an awesome show!
    10 anno/i fa
    My favorite childhood show. =)
    10 anno/i fa
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