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A place for posting links to good sales and bargains. Or if you want to share a coupon , here is the place for it!

Please post your play-asia coupons in the play-asia discussion thanks XD

Hi all i added a new discussion called User sales so if you have anime items for sale on ebay or anywhere else then feel free to list the links

UPDATE : the sales have being moved off of the main page and split into 3 new sections

Figures sales from official shops (mfc link)
Media sales from official shops for manga ,dvds , cds , games ...ext (mfc link)
Merchandise sales from official shops for t-shirts , cups , dakimakura .. ect (mfc link)

Please in future please use these discussion to post the sales that you find and remember that all sales must be for anime/manga related goods

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010 giorno/i fasojasoja
Does anyone have a coupon for Ninoma which I could use?
111 giorno/i faeternaltortureeternaltorture
Please contact me if you are looking to purchase dioramas for nendoroids and figmas!
I have 8 of them I'm selling: 1 bakery, 1 cafe/restaurant, 1 purple bedroom, 4 Japanese Gardens, and 1 Japanese tea room
Here's a picture of 4 of them: [ext link ]
I also have albums for 2 other gardens (autumn and spring) but I don't have pictures up yet for the Japanese tea room and winter/snow theme garden.

Anyways, PM me for photos and details if interested! :)
113 giorno/i faSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Anyone know of any good places to check for Black Friday deals? I've got some cash set aside this year for some game/manga/anime DVD & BR sales *.* I wasn't paying attention to them last year so I'm not sure where else to check other than the usual places (rightstuf, amazon, gamestop, etc).
020 giorno/i fa (19 giorno/i fa)okariinokariin
id like to trade this figure item #117637
contact if interested
023 giorno/i faeunice971121eunice971121
123 giorno/i fa (23 giorno/i fa)rissorisso
Listings for my merchandise. [ext link ]
Most of the items for sale are rubber straps from Yuri!!! on Ice as well as Boku no Hero Academia, Bungou Stray Dogs, and more. Please understand that I only ship within the US.
01 mese/i fa (1 mese/i fa)otakusanotakusan
All items are still for sale. DM for shipping quote.
Collection: (mfc link)
Shop: (mfc link)

anything not listed in shop, please DM for price... I am slowly adding everything to shop, but I just have too many

Canada/US buyers preferred, outside of north america are also welcome, but shipping will be pricey.

most nendoroids are starting at $15USD + shipping (some exceptions apply for Miku nendoroids)
01 mese/i faerumoerumo
Selling my whole collection (mfc link)
Most figures have ads (mfc link)
If not, shoot me a pm ;)
01 mese/i fa (1 mese/i fa)HatsumiHatsumi
I'm moving soon so I'm selling some of my stuff. Prices are in BRL (Brazilian reais). PM me for anything you wanna ask :3

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku - Ichigo Shiromuku ver., 2013 - item #107714

Nendoroid Minami Chiaki - item #13747

Nendoroid Hiiragi Kagami - item #5737

figma Hiiragi Kagami - item #2196

figma Izumi Konata - item #261
R$50 - obs: moldes internos estão amarelados

Dead Master 1/8 - Good Smile Company - item #27627

Hatsune Miku Lat type ver. 1/8 - Good Smile Company - item #61333

Nakano Azusa 1/8 - Alter - item #26795
R$70 - obs: broken pegs

Kotobuki Tsumigi Waitress ver. 1/7 - Max Factory - item #42037

Flandre Scarlet 1/8 - Griffon Enterprises - item #22283
R$70 - obs: white parts of her dress and her hat are kind of sticky

Hatsune Miku CM ver. 1/8 - Good Smile Company - item #12040
01 mese/i faForeverzeroForeverzero
I have stuff for sale, prices are negotiable so give me your best offer. US only as International shipping gets expensive.

sale #132739

sale #132738

sale #132744

sale #132743

sale #132742

sale #132741

sale #132740

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