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CandiiPopCandiiPop10 anno/i fa
We want MORE Gory Figures!
Blood, Guts, and Broken Limbs... That's what we wanna see in our cabinets!

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I apologize that this group hasn't been active in such a long time! Welcome to all the new members!
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WOOOO YATTA ! such club exists ! *cough* where are my manors....
Greetings everyone :3
I hope you're doing great. Anyone got the Nurse from silent hill? i was too late and she got sold out *boohoo* i'd love it if ghosts figures were made as well :3
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I have found this figure just now as well! ITEM #130189
Lotsa blood and disassembled limbs in this.
8 anno/i fa
Oh, here's a figure with some gore that could be added! She does have some blood stains on her and the zombie, but not as much as we would like her to have :)
ITEM #5066

I also found this beauty as well :D Now here is a zombie!
ITEM #72947
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Does ITEM #74385 count? And ITEM #94349?
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I think a lot of Gloomy Bear figures could also be added.
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Okey dudes, I added Kotobikuya's Akira because he's bleeding. xD Let's get some more bloody figures, if we can't have guts!! Any suggestions please PM or link here!
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A bloody Dokuro-chan panorama figure would be awesome !

Oh, and thank to this club, I discovered the Yannyan garage kit, so thank you. x)

I guess you could also add this GK : figure/28199_ka...
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SeasonreaperSomeone mention Silent Hill? I agree fully.

Indeed my good madam. We need more Silent Hill figures~!
I wonder if we could request a company to produce one?
If only it worked that way ;_;
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Someone mention Silent Hill? I agree fully.
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