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Counterpart to the SH Figuarts Club, I suppose. Come here for SIC, Kiwami Tamashii, Takumi Damashii, Movie Realization, and Manga Realization.

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03 anno/i fapierrot05pierrot05
guys, I need help in getting a S.I.C SagohZou for a good friend of mine... I wasn't able to get one from the local seller here who usually acquires tamashi net exclusives... :| I live all the way here in the philippines..
04 anno/i faadriadri
When sic kiwami tamashii kabuto and kiva??
04 anno/i faTachyonTachyon
Is it still active?
05 anno/i faAiolosAiolos
let's hope bandai doesn't forget them

it would be a shame not to release the other form
05 anno/i fameteorstormedmeteorstormed
ShenWong (5 anno/i fa) #1092996AMAZING

item #120933

Odd they seem to be skipping the other four they had art for over though.
05 anno/i faShenWongShenWong

item #120933
05 anno/i fameteorstormedmeteorstormed
SIC:KT Decade looks like he's on the way! With regular SIC's release of TaToBa coming ever closer, which means the first four forms of his we got previews of HOPEFULLY won't be too far after - and those're what, personally, I'm really looking forward to.

Wouldn't mind a surge in KTs either though.
05 anno/i faKuugaKuuga
bandai...pelase...released SIC Kamen Rider Femme
05 anno/i faadriadri
something not right!!!
picture #347770
06 anno/i faVioFitzVioFitz
Another RX is finally on my hand!

(mfc link)

Now, 1 more target would be Another Shadow Moon !

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