Heiwajima Shizuo and GangHeiwajima Shizuo and GangThe Chuck Norris of Durarara!! Shizuo does it like a BOSS!

I am not just ANY other guy in a bartender outfit... whoever hurts my friends, will DIE! DIE! DIEE!!


"I don't like violence, but I hate particular people who make other's lives messed up, especially a slimy thug called IZAYA!!" *rips out another street sign to drag off with*


Do not trust this man... any friend of him, is an enemy of mine.

The Heiwajima Brothers

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@oh-keisuke, we don't want your kind here! *shakes fist*

06 anno/i faoh-keisukeoh-keisuke ☆*Pancake Massacre*☆
*skips by, pokes tauntingly to invoke rage*

Heiwajima Shizuo and Gang


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