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YorunoYoruno8 anno/i fa
Sometimes the difference between the regular and the limited versions may be just a new colour scheme or a minute detail. But there are people who will always appreciate this difference.
Our club is for the collectors who are after limited and exclusive editions. For hunters and dreamers.

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ITEM #559900
ITEM #593456
ITEM #457060 (Should we add this? this is a regular version to the one above but it is released limited+exclusive(made to order))
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
einonymous4 anno/i fa#5404896ITEM #320916

Added thanks
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hi, im the newly assigned admin here and linked all the figures being mentioned

So if youre missing anything feel free to post :)
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
ITEM #46004
Should be added

ITEM #72838
Eventho it says standard, it is a taiwan limited edition and pretty hard to find!

ITEM #1302 plus her blonde ver

ITEM #47869

ITEM #82492
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Another figure that would fit perfectly in the Related Items list!
ITEM #207284
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New possible figure additions to the Related Items list:

ITEM #193454
ITEM #193455
ITEM #193456
ITEM #193457
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Yoruno6 anno/i fa#1927086Very interesting information! Thank you!

You're welcome!
(Just noting though, you've forgot to add the ten Konami Premium Telephone Card Collection ones).
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Eccmy6 anno/i fa#1917434Is the club only for limited figures, or for any kind of limited good as well?
If the latter, there's a few telephone cards that can be added to the Related Items list:
* All the telecards in that collection: ENCYCLOPEDIA #58714
* ITEM #192044
* ITEM #192045
* ITEM #192021
* ITEM #192022
* ITEM #192023
All of those are limited, and come with a serial number.
Also, there's this figure: ITEM #183392. Limited to 1000 pieces.
Thanks in advance for your attention!

Very interesting information! Thank you!
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