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  • So, not much under the sun in Wonder Festival 2015 Winter as far as Konami-related stuff go. I'm not surprised, really, given the little non-media merchandise Konami has produced lately.

    Still, there were a few interesting official releases' announcements. This is the following:

    * ITEM #287726 : Nendoroid Raiden (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty / Good Smile Company)
    * ITEM #287612 : Revolmini Soviet Army Soldier (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain / Kaiyodo)

    And as far as garage kits go, Silent Hill has been treated with three kits: ITEM #287665, ITEM #287667, ITEM #287668 .
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    Updated the club with a Related Pictures section! If there are Konami-related pictures I've missed, please do not hesitate pointing them out to me! Thanks in advance! ^_^
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    That's slightly old news, but I just noticed it:
    On 30th December 2014, Konami has closed its last remaining physical goods shop, Konamistyle Tokyo Midtown www.konamistyle... . There goes a legendary era for that company... :(
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    The Konamistyle New Year's promotion campaign will start in about 3 hours!
    This campaign has sets of goods at slashed price from the Pop'n Music, The Epic of Zektbach, Gitadora, and Quiz Magic Academy franchises. Link here: www.konamistyle...
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    Just discovered that a special Christmas campaign of Love Plus goods at slashed price has started today at Konamistyle www.konamistyle...; everything's already sold out!! O_O

    However, a second campaign is planned to start on January 2nd 2015, at 10:00 AM Hour of Japan, according to what's written at the bottom of the Konamistyle link posted above. Better prepare yourself if you like Love Plus and want to get something from that second round!
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    Trivial news, but the Konamistyle webpage got updated with a Christmas-themed skin www.konamistyle.... Pretty nice-looking!
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    Ok, the club is now fully set-up, I hope you'll enjoy it! ;)
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