• Want yuuko!!
    I will pay GOOD PRICE !
    PM if you can sell!
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    hey all,

    I'm looking for kamui from clamp in 3-d land series 7. if anyone is willing to part with this figure, I am willing to pay GOOD money for him. PM me an offer, and we'll work something out. thanks!
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    wow last post 3 months ago o.o
    anyway, i'm still new with this hobby but it's been a long time since become CLAMP fans. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ( '-')
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    Due to my college situation, I have to sell some of my CLAMP in 3D Land figures :( If anyone is interested, please pm me ;___; It will take me a day or so to go through my collection. I am also selling the Clover omnibus for $14 SHIPPED in the U.S.
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    Hi! I've got a lot of CLAMP in 3-D Land figures for sale. I also have some random CLAMP items. Details are in my profile: RAZE
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    I noticed that there's a few related entries missing from this club, like most of the X characters. :)
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    I'm looking for Fuu-chan in a series of CLAMP 3D Colletstion. No one is selling her?
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    Finally i was able to buy a product by CLAMP, i'm glad i could support them a little that way~
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