Ninoma (MFC Partner)
39 secondi faPyrokar91Pyrokar91
I kind of like her but I think her face looks too cold or like there is not enough emotion in her expression... :(
2 minuto/i faForeverzeroForeverzero Bishoujo Hunter
Pinokkio (14 minuto/i fa) #30901357I like your profile, it looks awesome!

Thanks man, it's a work in progress.
3 minuto/i faHikari-chanHikari-chan
Is the small cloud in the front one of the mount fuji mascots? Looks exactly like it
3 minuto/i faAzaizerAzaizer
Would anybody be so kind as to share some uncensored User pics and some size comparison pics next to another 1/4 scale or 1/5 scale figures please? Thanks in advance!
3 minuto/i faAzaizerAzaizer
Would anybody be so kind as to share some uncensored User pics and some size comparison pics next to another 1/4 scale or 1/5 scale figures please? Thanks in advance!
4 minuto/i faAnimeCowgirl33AnimeCowgirl33
Already deleted it
5 minuto/i fa (1 minuto/i fa)freshringofreshringo
Prettybarf (19 minuto/i fa) #30901353
Hi! The figures were in great condition, exactly as described. They do actually list the condition of their preowned item if there is any damage - if there's no notes, then it's safe to assume it's in good condition.

Most of my orders were just pre-owned (中古) with no additional notes in the description. They were pretty much brand new - either not even opened or just had tape seal on box cut.

One item was [箱欠品] (missing box) with a description 「箱・ブリスター欠品」 (box/blister damage). This one came with no original box, but had blister intact. (They put it in a random cardboard box for shipping.)

I have a few items coming that are [ランクB] (Rank B) condition but have not arrived yet, but they were all also box/blister damage - which I'm assuming means they will be missing either or both of those things. I'm not sure why one would be Rank B vs 箱欠品 though - maybe Rank B would have the box but in poor condition. I've seen some items with actual item damage (tried to find an example, but I couldn't) - but that sort of stuff will always be listed in the item description.

Hope that helps!
10 minuto/i faPockorooPockoroo
Alright thankyou
11 minuto/i faBloodFlowerBloodFlower
Pockoroo (1 ora/e fa) #30901290Thankyou for alerting me about this, I’m pretty sure I have fixed the problem

Looks good, please note though that title isn't needed in general. It's mostly used for Original Characters and media entries.
12 minuto/i fakyoshinheikyoshinhei
Dang, I totally want one of these machines now...
How big is yours?
14 minuto/i faPinokkioPinokkio Want to be free!
I like your profile, it looks awesome!
15 minuto/i fablackmoongirlblackmoongirl
Debating. Debating. Especially since I want more villians/rival nendos >3>;;
16 minuto/i faRNewey20RNewey20
Very nice, I love this picture it looks simple but packs a punch
19 minuto/i faPrettybarfPrettybarf
I have a half off topic question, how was the condition of the figures? Surugaya is my favorite store but I'm scared to order figures from them because I don't think they list the condition
22 minuto/i fakayochinkayochin
I just ordered her and I still kind of can’t believe it. Soon she will be mine. I’ve heard only great things about this Alter line and I can’t wait to see it for myself!!!
26 minuto/i faOkurinOkurin
Just preordered this! I missed out on the last PAK of Vincent, This one looks absolutely amazing, the head sculpt looks so good :0
27 minuto/i faJenthehenJenthehen Otaku at Law
Ordered the stupid E2046 bootleg bc I couldn’t resist!!!
28 minuto/i faMacavyMacavy
I have the female version for sale.
sugardaddygaius (18 ora/e fa) #30900390Anyone selling the male and female? I need these.
30 minuto/i faaurybqaurybq
Stacycmc (1 ora/e fa) #30901319Ah, thanks! :D Yeah, I am really close to being done too, but I've redone the, this will be my 4th time. I'm just being overly picky about the eyes. A really great Garage Kit painter here on MFC gave me some awesome advice though, so I ordered some of the items she suggested and just have been waiting for them to come in so I could finish it up.
Most are not available via Amazon prime though, so shipping is just taking a bit...I'm so anxious to finish him though!!!

Ha I get ya. The face is what makes or brakes it so repainting a face is understandable. I wish I would of gotten some advice before I did mine.
32 minuto/i fayurirainbowzyurirainbowz
woah thats an A+ base design. I love it

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