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4 minuto/i fa (3 minuto/i fa)maximimonmaximimon The New Shadow Emperor
blueberrywaifu (6 ora/e fa) #24859717One on ebay right now, bid is currently 75 usd and ends in 6 hours. [ext link ]

Thanks for reminding me to raise my intial bid ;), two fellas got dissapointed at the end XD
4 minuto/i faYowenfluryYowenflury
They pretend to be like Skytube or Native. This is so hilarious. Know your place Griffon.
8 minuto/i faArcesArces
maddynamite (4 anno/i fa) #1476580I'm surprised at the lack of merch in general for Gankutsuou. I think the art style of the show would transfer easily to a really nice figure.

Yeah I agree. The characters designs are perfect for chibi figures, too. Imagine Nendoroids, those would look awesome!
8 minuto/i faMaakieMaakie
Cuuuuuute! <3
19 minuto/i faSolarisSoulSolarisSoul
Bruh it took me like a minute to see what you were talking about. You could replace it but that seems like so much effort for such a tiny defect. Of course, if there were more throughout the figure...
20 minuto/i faYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
Gunter (3 giorno/i fa) #24745662If anyone wants wigs/eyes/outfit then please PM me. I'm planning to enter for her, but don't need any of these.
PM sent
22 minuto/i fachaosrealm93chaosrealm93
from far, the sword on the left looks like a feather lol
27 minuto/i famurialitamurialita
Pale_Tuna (2 ora/e fa) #24866977Thanks for the heads-up. It seems to work on my laptop but I broken on my mobile. Issue is likely due to it being a PNG. I'll just throw in the link.
Link is still broke. It give a "403 Forbidden" error.
30 minuto/i fawhc0216whc0216
I know the post is bit old, but do you still sell Naruto G.E.M?
31 minuto/i facthukocthuko
Selling mine for $30 USD! Used for display only, box is opened+like new!
32 minuto/i faYlliasvielYlliasviel
MelKeigo (47 minuto/i fa) #24870390cute!! nice work!

Thank you so much!! <3 glad you like it
33 minuto/i faDarkandDarkDarkandDark
No ones gonna accept these terms but if anyone is selling her for 130-170 CAD PM plez lol
34 minuto/i faDynamiteDynamite
Thank you very much :)
34 minuto/i faHentaiXXXHentaiXXX
kaholaze (1 giorno/i fa) #24816851大多是用露天or買動漫預定.WF限定的,在漫博/FF可以買or預定(Skytube WF限定的,現在只要日本有,台灣的展通常也會有),另外露天賣家"怨念事務所"
[ext link ]

哦 感謝知識! 感覺台灣買這方面的東西比較方便~ 我這次暑假有去漫博 發現竟然有賣WF限定商品 有點感動 T.T 北美這裡甚麼東西都得網購 光是運費就要吐了...
35 minuto/i faTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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37 minuto/i fa (37 minuto/i fa)danlnieldanlniel
From what i know the yellowing part is caused by HEAT or aging
I got same problem lately on some of my figure (PVC)
After researching i found there are people using peroxide on their nendoroid to restore their original color.
But i dont know if it's safe to used for scale figure because i worried it's gonna damaged the paint color on figure
40 minuto/i faRockGodItachiRockGodItachi
Seriously cool shot! Awesome job! :D
47 minuto/i faMelKeigoMelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
cute!! nice work!
48 minuto/i faMelKeigoMelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
awesome shot!!!

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