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Chloe-tsundere (7 mese/i fa) #22294240View spoilerHide spoilerUse FJ theyre cheaper now, 300 yen standard fees now (for each order from a shop) so if you buy like 5 items from suru, still 300 yen for all :)
Congrats thats a good price tho im hesistant with suru with dakis unless im certain its unopened... but must admit i'd prob have bought it as well. But well its a great deal so enjoy, make sure to take pics and share
With dakis i stopped, i got plenty already eventho i still want more but yeah i dont need em :) so i resist >.<
I recently bought a nice suru loot of 5 items tho! But no BB
Im still hunting makoto x noel bath poster its my no.1 merch grail
And i still regret not buting kokonoe when she was on manda and in japan..

I know for FJ basic plan, but I wanted to order the Daki right away and I can choose SAL shipping with BiJ whereas FJ doesn't offer this method for orders over 6k. It depends on what I order whether I choose FJ or BiJ.

Ragna's Daki has been released recently so it's probably unused. And I always wash my Dakis unless I buy them new. Now that I'm using them every day -or night- I'd like to have some. I don't want them to get damaged if I wash them too frequently. But I need to slow down a bit...

Yeah, it seems that Kokonoe's following Rachel and Makoto's path. Too bad BiJ canceled your order when she has been released! Do you still want her though?