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  • Tsuko-tan submitted a comment on [Utente #175687] Pudi19 ora/e fa
    Welcome to the board Pudi! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
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    Enjoy your stay! ^^
    Julia1251 giorno/i fa#79941508Yeah I’m starting to have my eyes opened to how ridiculously overpriced they are… I’ve already done price comparisons with TOM and AmiAmi and everything on AmiAmi has been cheaper so far. And true, it was really a dumb move on their part. I think they’re going to lose a lot of their own buyers from it. I know a lot of people are upset with it, me included. It just came out of nowhere too and I don’t think they even alerted anyone about it, another mistake imo.
    So just to make sure- AmiAmi is very legit, right? XD Have you ever paid for something and not gotten it or gotten ripped off from them? I’ve kinda been scared to explore other figure sites because I’m not sure how to tell which places are safe or not. TOM is expensive but they’ve always been a reliable shop so if I can find some more reliable ones then I’m probably gonna shop there less.
    And oh okay! I haven’t really looked for anything on AmiAmi other than figures yet XD Same on TOM, they have a lot more than figures but everything that’s not a figure is pretty much sold out in a second so I only look for the figures lol. Good to know though! I’ve been buying figures for years and have only used two sites haha
    That’s a shame :( They need to go back to producing the beautiful sword people lol. Which scale is your favorite from the series so far? For some reason I have a thing for the ones with long hair so I think Kanesada (who I don’t own) and Kogitsunemaru (who I do own) are my top two.

    I highly, HIGHLY recommend AmiAmi if you're looking for a change, then! :D I've used them almost exclusively since late 2017. In the first few months of 2017 when I began seriously collecting, I shopped around here and there to see which was the best store to shop from, and eventually settled with AmiAmi. They are extremely efficient, reasonable with prices (even shipping - although that might only apply to me because I live close to Japan; it might be slightly higher to where you are), and they have never gotten any of my orders wrong nor have I ever been ripped off by them. I've never lost any packages from them either! In fact, the one "mishap" that happened was giving me the wrong tracking number once which eventually got my package returned to them, but they shipped it back to me at their own expense. I didn't pay anything at all. Not to mention, their customer service is stellar - they solve your problems quite efficiently via Live Chat, and they are pretty accommodating with requests (I don't think I've ever had a request that was refused by them). And even if you message them via email, they still get back to you within a few hours (if you happen to message them during their service hours), the latest within one day. It's a really great shop. I order all my figures/goods from there 95% of the time; the only time I don't is if I missed some non-figure goods and it's sold out (in which case I buy it from suruga-ya/otamart/rakutem via FJ) or Japanese manga/artbooks (which I buy from the aforementioned shops or Mandarake). I can confidently recommend them to you! :D

    My favorite TR scales are Nikkari and Kane-san, both of whom I own! I do like Imanotsurugi and Juzumaru aesthetically as well, but I don't really buy many scales since they're not my preferred type of figure to collect (I'm a die-hard nendoroid fan) , plus I vowed to only buy scales of my favorite swords. X'D I really regret not preordering Hachisuka (considering he's my 3rd fave) since he looks so gaudily fabulous but at the time I thought the release date was so far away and I wasn't sure if I'd still have a job by then, lmao. Luckily my contract is getting renewed so there's that. TvT Hopefully I can still find him at release.
  • Tsuko-tan submitted a comment on [Utente #175686] typmasakra19 ora/e fa
    Welcome to the board typmasakra! :)

    Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
    If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at the official MFC club.

    Enjoy your stay! ^^
    x.x She looks so gorgeous, can't wait to receive mine any day now, definitely my new favorite Kurumi fig

    also very nice reviews :D nice and picture heavy and fast as well!
  • general-radix submitted a comment on [Immagine #2433726] starmakerstarfightermix.jpg19 ora/e fa
    Lots of good Fighter and Maker stuff! (Also love that annoyed Yaten in the upper corner. XD So that's why I didn't see a Healer plush on GE's site...)
    Right stuf has her on sale this weekend for $182. They do make you pay shipping, but it came out less than $200 for me (US)
    Currently selling Elsa nendoroid(w/ Olaf) on my depop(@nguyenkelly) for $31.50(shipping not included)!

    New and in perfect condition!

    Pm for more details or check it out on my depop!

    Authentic and from Good Smile!

    Canada Only! :))
  • Drizzyrissy submitted a comment on [Immagine #2068614] Nanachi and Mitty Custom Base19 ora/e fa
    Where’d you buy the grass cut out??
    LittlePisces1 giorno/i fa#79942159Did you do the same thing when you bought from Ezstar?

    Yeah I just used the order form on their website. This entire situation makes me really nervous to order from them again. In fact there is something I was planning on ordering through them soon. I thought it was weird that they didn't respond this time when I told them I had received my package, as they did last time.

    I don't know...maybe it's time to try to find another service.
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