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    Quite a lot:
    - certain types of 18+ figures
    - bootlegs
    - certain manufactures (due to bad rep and the such)
    - fabric bases (due to them getting dusty real quick)
    - 1/4 scales and up (fearing to break my cabinet with them)
    - resin (with exception of garage kits - if I can afford them)
    - figures from franchise I know nothing about (I may have some in my wishlist but I tend to struggle with them)
    - building a shrine (it's bad enough I've too much Miku already - don't want to have the same repeat)
    - dolls (due to their clothing getting dirty)
    - most of action figures (only go for them if nothing else quality wise is there for my faves)
    - etc.
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    Great loot you have there! and wow Lyserg was one of favourite characters from SK that really brings me back. And if you're after Horohoro stalk this page until they restock? www.suruga-ya.j... (and this is adorable! www.suruga-ya.j...)
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    accidias (9 ora/e fa) #55142205Using a magnetic board is really smart! Do the magnets stick to the back of the badges without fuss, or does it need extra adhesive?

    The neodymium magnets I got from a local dollar store are medium-sized like this

    Didn't have to use extra adhesive since the back of the pins are metal and I could 'flip' the safety pin attached to make space for the magnet.

    Just had a slight problem with badges that had this kind of backing though, since the pins are 'more secured' and protrude a little:


    Had to slip the magnets under the pin to get them to stick :) I do think having smaller-sized magnets would lessen the hassle.
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    I try to avoid characters from series I don't really like, due to limited money and space, and losing interest in them more easily. I'm open to 18+, but they don't generally hold my interest even when I do really like one. I also tend to prefer either small or very big scales, so I avoid 1/6 due to that scale being more expensive but not physically impressive enough to justify it.

    Otherwise I'm pretty open - scales, nendoroids, action figures, dolls, resins, I've bought and liked them all before.
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    Jenthehen (3 ora/e fa) #55177006These look awesome!

    Thank you!!
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    DardDrak (1 ora/e fa) #55184622I have the three versions of this figure and I only display them with the male parts - in fact I bought them only because of that option, so I can have some explicit trap's figures, ha
    But I have Dva as well, and she is gorgeous, better than the boys

    All three, that's impressive!

    I made the mistake of passing on the original Dva only to see the secondhand prices go nuts, so I made sure to preorder the recolor!
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    I had a list of rules and broke that over the years :P (eg no figma/nendo because once you start you can't stop and no duplicate figures of a character. HA!)

    Right now I'm just trying to avoid buying figures by how good it looks looks alone otherwise I'd be sleeping on the floor and I'd love to get a few R18 figures one day >:D
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    Well i saw the prototype some months ago but wasnt super impressed by it,anyway that is for you to decide if you like it.

    As far as the shop in question the seller is 100% trustworthy one the biggest names in the Resin statues and super friendly and helpfull.I have POed 4 items from him(one cheaper one mid and one high end price wise and waiting another one) and i`m very very happy.
    he takes extra care with shipping so possibility of breakage is very slim(though you need to pay extra attention unpacking them.Though i at least PO though FB.As far as seller is concerned i think its more than ok.

    though be prepared since shipping as others told might be a bit of surprise depending where you live.Most of them are over 3kg so usually the minimum price is more than 60 dollars/euros etc...For that statue my approximation would be around 80 dollar on shipping give or take(personal estimation).

    Also as other pointed they are UNLICENSED goods not bootleg since its original creations and not a copies of something else.There is difference since they are creating something original they just dont get the license from the publishing company.

    Be careful in the studios though.Most of them noways have good quality because of the growing competition but there are still some not very good.As pointed do some research before hand and check their previous works and you`ll be fine in the future. :)

    Pm me if you need any further info.
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    I generally avoid scale figures, which sounds kind of weird but for me they are like centerpieces. And should be unique and impressive and really represent a character I just love. There are tons of figures I think are beautiful but I tell myself not to buy b/c its beautiful enough in pictures. Also specifically for scales I prefer 1/8 to 1/7 which seems like an unpopular opinion but I feel like the increase in size just makes it harder to display. I only have one 1/7th and Leo Watch is short to begin with.

    Otherwise I dont really like figma, I used to own more l but I found posing them difficult and that they seemed to lack accessories. Which is funny bc I love nendoroids but dont mind if it takes forever to set them up because to me its so fun! Also I dont really collect 18+, or too large in scale not that I don't like those figures its more that they aren't for me.
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    garage kits, figma, prize figures, nendoroid dolls/cu poche/etc
    either because theyre too expensive for what you get, or just are crappy quality
    sticking with nendoroids since i like the consistency and low price and certain scales
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