Selling for 20 USD, ships from US I do not ship outside the US sorry!! must pay for shipping ^^; she does not come with her spear or box!
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paratenic3 ora/e fa#128705876lambies!!! theyre all sp cute <3 thank you so much ;w; they all say thank you !!
I did not think I would be ordering any of Bocchi figures but Nijika I have to have .
nyariaz18 ora/e fa#128666809This markup is hilarious, they rlly said, “you guys pay what the aftermarket demands!” Lmao

Yeah, sucks its not the original price. But to be fair, its not realistic to expect it to be.

Its still considerably cheaper than aftermarket though. Mandarake wants us to pay like 56k for her.
Hopefully she isn’t delayed and the yen stays The Little Yen That Couldn’t
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If any figure company ever decided to release an idea, concept, thought, or chance of a possible Shiki figure I think I'd scream and cry tears of joy TvT
Barring my bafflement that Ines somehow got a figure, and especially of a design that isn't even in the game (as a skin or her base design), doesn't this figure look remarkably poor for Myethos? I actually thought this was a GK at first. Lol.
mistercoconut21 giorno/i fa#127827681So happy she got the ear piercings, the pop up was too expensive and I didn't really like the face and the fact she didn't have the piercings. Excited about this one!

Yay, she finally has her earrings!!! Glad I held off on the PUP.
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