Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati
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Bruno Buccellati is a major character in Part V: Vento Aureo.
Bruno is the Leader of the gang. He's a very wise and thoughtful, often risking his life to help others. Unlike most gangs, Bruno does not condone drug use and he encourages the gang to do the right thing. Bruno inspired everyone (Exceot Giorno Giovanna) to do better with their life and filled them all with inspiration to join the gang. Bruno keeps a strong relationship with his team, being severe but fair and giving them praise whenever he think it is earned. Bruno's stand is called "Sticky Fingers"

When Bruno was seven years old his parents decided to get a divorce, His father wanted to remain in the fishing village where they lived, while his mother wanted to move to the city. The two decided Bucciarati should choose who he wanted to live with. Bucciarati's mother tried to convince him to come with her to the city and receive an education, but in the end Bucciarati said he would rather live with his father. Both parents were shocked, but Bucciarati's mother understood the reasoning behind Bucciarati's decision. Kindness was a part of Bucciarati's personality, though his mother thought his weakness of being too warm to others would someday be his downfall and change his life for the worse. One day, however two fishermen from outside the village borrowed a boat from Bucciarati's father one even forgetting to take his fishing rod. Bucciarati's father took the fishing rod and went to go look for the fishermen, but upon finding them, he saw that they were in fact gangsters involved with the drug trade with multiple other men. Bucciarati's father was shot seven times but a nearby police boat found him and he was rushed to the hospital. The police examined the matter of the shooter, but needed to wait for Bucciarati's father to wake up so he could identify him. However, while Bucciarati's father was unconscious, the two gangsters sneaked into his room, intending to kill him. They Were about to kill Bucciarati's father, when suddenly they found a knife pointed at him by twelve year old Bucciarati, who had been hiding under the bed to protect his father knowing the people who tried to kill him would come back.Bucciarati killed both gangsters, but in doing so put himself in an unfortunate position. He eventually joined the gang, in exchange for the protection Polpo could give him against the two gangsters' friends who might be seeking revenge.
View spoilerHide spoiler Bruno ends up giving his life to protect Trish
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