Amagi Yukiko
Amagi Yukiko
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天城 雪子




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Age: 16 (Game start, 17 upon first appearance)
Date of Birth: December 8th, 1994
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Height: 164 cm
Blood Type: O
Initial Persona: Konohana Sakuya
Ultimate Persona: Amaterasu
Weapon: Fan
Arcana: Priestess

Yukiko Amagi is character from Persona 4, an elegant young woman, she is well-known to be the heir of her family inn, Amagi Inn.

An elegant but introverted young woman with long groomed black hair and a red hairband in it who usually wears either a red jacket or a pink kimono, Yukiko is a rich, popular, gorgeous girl who seems very lady-like and correct all the time. She is often shown to be together with Chie Satonaka, who share a sisterly affection towards each other.

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