Natsume Kyousuke
Natsume Kyousuke
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棗 恭介





Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (high school), Yū Kamonomiya (grade school)

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Kyousuke is the leader of the Little Busters, and is one year older than the other four members. He often comes up with absurd ideas, but almost always he follows up with a reasonable explanation along with it. He suffers from a lolita complex, though he denies it. He also suffers from a brother-sister complex, as he wants his sister Rin to call him onii-chan (meaning brother in an affectionate way), but Rin does not want to, preferring to call him by his name. In truth, Kyousuke had planned that Komari, Haruka, Kudryavka, Yuiko, and Mio would eventually join the Little Busters. The plan was that he, along with the help of others, would create the artificial world in order to make Rin and Riki strong enough to face the reality. His methods, however, turn out to be too strong for Rin, which eventually causes her to suffer from a mental breakdown after the time loop. In Refrain, Kyousuke starts lamenting himself after his plan backfires, but before the time loops back, Riki unconsciously vows to Kyousuke that he will become more stronger than before. Remembering this, he starts to act like he is suffering from depression, much like how Riki was when his parents died. This makes Riki to strengthen himself up in order to care for Rin and to re-invite Masato and Kengo, who have gone their own separate ways, into the Little Busters again. In the meantime, he sometimes returns to the real world in an attempt to delay the bus explosion, and also at one time, helps Riki by dropping off a hint. After Riki manages to reform the Little Busters, Kyousuke is invited to back to the group by Riki the same way Kyousuke invited Riki. After Masato disappears during a game of baseball, Kyousuke reveals everything about the artificial world to Riki and Rin, who finally wakes up from the artificial world to face the reality. He is largely hinted to be Shun Tokikaze, the leader of the darkness executives in Saya's route.

Kyousuke is the most well-rounded character in the mini games and is one of the most active players on the baseball field. It is recommended that he plays as an outfielder to take advantage of his wide defense area coverage. It is vital to hit the balls to him during practice sessions if the player wants to raise Riki's statistics faster for a battle ranking game. Ironically he becomes the weakest member of the original five after the player completes all of the heroines' routes. In a battle ranking game, when the player as Riki gets to the first place after being sent to the bottom ranking, the "Mask the Saitō" character will appear, who is actually Kyousuke. He can use any weapon with maximum hit counts except for special weapons like the machine gun, a replica of Muramasa, or science team weapons. His appearance and voice will give the player the impression that he is Kyousuke, but ironically no one in the Little Busters, not even Rin, seem to know about his true identity. If Riki keeps maintaining his first place status, he will get challenged by Mask the Saitō, after Mask the Saitō gets to second or third place. Once Riki manages to defeat Mask the Saitō, he will remove his mask in front of him, thus revealing his true identity and have Riki become the next Mask the Saitō. The mask increases Riki's statistics by fifty, making Riki almost invulnerable; however, the mask cannot be traded.

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