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Tsuritama (つり球) is a currently airing Japanese anime television series. It premiered on April 12, 2012. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America.

Yuki Sanada is a high school boy who lives with his grandmother. His grandmother's job causes them to have to move around Japan constantly, making Yuki unable to form any lasting friendships or helpful social skills. Whenever he is afraid or nervous, he makes a hideous face that causes others to think he's angry. Upon their arrival to the island of Enoshima, he meets a strange boy named Haru, who is a new transfer student as well and claims he's an alien. While out walking, Haru carries a fish in a bowl on his head and shoots people in the face with a strange water gun. Haru somehow persuades Yuki's grandmother to let him live with them in their large new house, making Yuki uncomfortable. The two also meet a secluded young fisher, Natsuki Usami, nicknamed "The Fishing Prince". An Indian boy named Akira watches Haru from a distance with his duck Tapioca.
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