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Shingeki no BahamutShingeki no Bahamut

Shingeki no Bahamut
Shingeki no Bahamut
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Rage of Bahamut




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Rage of Bahamut (神撃のバハムート Shingeki no Bahamūto) is an Arcade, Action, and TCG game developed and published by Cygames. The user base of Rage of Bahamut, Cygames' English-language social card game provided on Mobage's worldwide network, exceeded three million outside of Japan on August 7, 2012.
Rage of Bahamut was launched in February 2012 and became No.1 on the Top Grossing Chart on US Google Play in April, and still remains No.1 over 16 consecutive weeks. In addition, the Rage of Bahamuts iOS app ranked No.1 on the Top Grossing Chart of the US App Store as of June 12, 2012 and still keeps high ranking on the chart. The original Rage of Bahamut ('Shingeki-no-Bahamut') is a fantasy adventure game in which players roam the world, drawing out powers from cards. After choosing between 'Man', 'Gods' or 'Demons' cards, players build and strengthen themselves as well as their teams by collecting, synthesizing and evolving a variety of unique cards.
The cards are then used in various team oriented activities such as order vs. order 'Holy Wars' or order vs. game events such as Dragon's Awakening, or Hermit in the Hood.
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