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Celes Chere
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Celes Chère




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General Celes Chere, also spelled as Celes Chère, is a major character in Final Fantasy VI. A genetically enhanced Magitek Knight initially in the service of the Gestahlian Empire, she turns her back on the empire to join the Returners and fight against Emperor Gestahl and Kefka.

Appearance and Personality:
Celes is an eighteen-year old woman at the beginning of the game. Celes has long blond hair and blue eyes, and wields a sword as her weapon of choice. In concept art and renders in the Anthologies release, she wears yellow and purple armor with high boots and a sword as her weapon. In-game Celes' sprite wears a long white cloak over green armor with white boots. When performing in lieu of opera star Maria, Celes wears an elaborate white and beige gown, and keeps her hair tied back in a ribbon.

When Locke first discovers her awaiting execution, Celes initially prefers to remain imprisoned to face her death with pride. Celes' bond with the other party members forms slowly, and outside of Terra and Locke few of them take kindly to her when they first meet in Narshe.

In the World of Ruin, Celes is the character the player initially controls. Living with an ill-fallen Cid on the Solitary Island, Celes is driven to attempt suicide if the player fails to save Cid's life. However, the sight of Locke's bandana gives her hope he and the other Returners have survived, and she sets out on Cid's raft to find her friends. Celes eventually rallies the surviving party members to band together again and rejoin the battle against Kefka, instilling hope in her disheartened comrades to fight to make the world a better place.
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